Amy Jurkowitz ’85, P’17: Inspired by Passion

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Amy Jurkowitz ’85, P’17: Inspired by Passion

Amy Jurkowitz ’85, P’17 has built a life surrounded with passionate people.

Coming to Colgate in 1981 as a women’s tennis team recruit, Amy noticed immediately that her enthusiasm for athletics was matched by her classmates. “Everybody at Colgate had a passion. That’s what inspired me the most,” she said.

Today she seeks out that energy through her company, BREAD Ventures — a business development agency that builds, designs, and invests in brands. “If we see a brand that has passionate founders, that’s a critical factor in our decision to work together,” she shared.

Outside of her work, Amy has increased her interaction with Colgate in roles that surround her with some of the University’s most enthusiastic volunteers and supporters. She is Presidents’ Club chair, a Thought into Action mentor, and a Women’s Leadership Council member. She has consistently supported the Amy Elizabeth Freedman Jurkowitz ’85 Scholarship Fund, which benefits Colgate’s female scholar-athletes.

This year, she hopes to encourage many new members to become involved in the Presidents’ Club and to leverage strong community connections to foster an even more energetic culture of giving. Last year, the Presidents’ Club generated more than $44 million for Colgate, which comprised more than 94% of the University’s philanthropic contributions.

In recent years, the Presidents’ Club has become more nimble, project-based, and focused on engagement. “My goal as chair is to expand our reach, continue to find ways for alumni to make an impact, and keep things moving quickly!” Amy said.

Presidents’ Club momentum is building at an important time. Amy is excited about the direction the University has taken under President Brian Casey’s leadership, complimenting his leadership, energy, and vision — particularly during this tumultuous time — as well as his strategic vision for the Third-Century Plan. She is grateful to Presidents’ Club members, Vice Chair Bill Sweeney, and the dedicated staff partners at Colgate. “The support from Colgate is incredibly motivating. When you’re around people who have so much drive and focus, it makes our work worthwhile,” she said.