Labib Mamun '24 working in his lab on campus
Labib Mamun ’24 working in his lab on campus

Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Global Public and Environmental Health

Hometown and State: Atlanta, Ga., and Dhaka, Bangladesh

Favorite memories or activities as a Colgate student
I am a preschool teacher assistant in Hamilton. Some of my favorite memories are having the chance to bring some of the Colgate sports teams to interact and play with the kids! Recently, the basketball team made time to be at the preschool and show my students how to dribble. It was just an enjoyable time getting to see everyone have a chance to play sports and interact with the community. 

An opportunity you have participated in that you are most proud of
I am a neuroimmunology research intern at the Williams Laboratory at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and I love what I do there. I was grateful to have support from OUS and Colgate to go and work in a laboratory that does cutting-edge work with HIV without losing sight of the patients and people affected by it. It is gratifying to see and interact with patients affected by HIV and take their blood cells to identify receptor expressions in attempting to find therapies.

Advice would you have for others interested in OUS and Colgate
Be very spontaneous. I love finding random events to do on campus and going simply because the theme or topic looks intriguing. I love talking to professors I don’t really know and having conversations about the work they are doing. Just say hi to people, professors, folks in town, and wherever your Colgate journey takes you, and you’ll be amazed at the connections you make and the opportunities you come across!