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Major Requirements

A minimum of eight courses, three of which are required as follows:

Required Courses

Feminist Methodology

A course in feminist methodology:

Feminist Theory

A course in feminist theory:


At least four more courses from the following list, taken from at least two of the divisions:

Division A
Division B
Division C

Other Courses

Other courses may be counted toward a women's studies major, depending on the orientation of the course, and/or the direction of the readings and student projects during a particular year. Such courses need the approval of the instructor and the women's studies director to be counted toward a women's studies major.

These courses include:

Additional Information

Students' relationships with their advisers are a critical part of the women's studies program. Following admission to the program, students, in consultation with their advisers, may develop a sequence of required and elective courses related to a particular topic. Some suggested topics are postcolonial and critical race studies; family studies; women in the United States; global perspectives on women; women, work, and family; women and social change; women and religion; and women, knowledge, and text.

Women's Studies Program

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