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Resources for Student Researchers

This page contains documents and links pertaining to general operating procedures for working with human research participants. The page also contains several helpful templates ranging from creating participant sign-up sheets to making posters for research presentations.

Resources for Research Conducted with Human Participants

Ethics in Human Research

Colgate's IRB website
Visit the link above if you have questions about Colgate’s IRB guidelines and procedures. The IRB website also contains information about how to determine whether your research qualifies for exemption from IRB review, or whether it is classified as needing expedited review or full review. You will also find information regarding how to write and submit your proposal.

The Belmont Report
Download the Belmont Report to gain insight into the ethical guidelines that must be followed into your research project.

Research with human participants: manual for investigators
Download the investigator’s manual for detailed guidance regarding the policies and procedures that govern Colgate’s IRB.

NIH ethics training module
If your supervisor has asked you to complete the NIH ethics training module, follow the link above. That link will take you to the NIH OER Protecting Human Research Participants website where you can complete the module. You will need to register with the website before completing the module (follow the instructions on that website). Once you have passed all section quizzes in the module, you will be given an electronic Certificate of Completion. For MAC users, take a screenshot of the certificate using Shift+Command+3. An image file will be saved to your desktop. E-mail that image file to your supervisor. For PC users, take a screenshot of the certificate by pressing the “Print Scrn” key, then open “Paint” (Start->All Programs->Accessories->Paint) and paste (Ctrl+v). Save the file in jpg format to your desktop, and then e-mail the image file to your supervisor.

Guidelines for Recruiting Human Participants

Guidelines for recruiting participants from the PSYC150 subject pool
Download the above document if you plan to recruit participants from Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 150). The document contains the guidelines that you must follow when recruiting from that participant pool.

Template sign-up sheet (PSYC 150 subject pool only)
Download the above template if you plan to recruit participants from Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 150) and plan to post your experiment on the Experiment Sign-up Board. The template is formatted as described in the guidelines for recruiting participants from the PSYC 150 subject pool document. Add as many time-slot sheets as needed, but do not flood the sign-up board.

Guidelines for formatting pretesting surveys/questionnaires
Download the above for instructive guidelines regarding the proper format for pretesting surveys/questionnaires.

General Resources

13 Steps to Graduating with Honors or High Honors in Psychology or Neuroscience
Visit the link above for suggested progress check points (from junior to senior year) for conducting honors/high honors research.

Six Guidelines for Interesting Research
Visit the link above for suggestions on how to approach your research question.

Request research space for your experiment
Visit the link above to reserve a room (or rooms) for your experiment.

Requirements for building a stimulus-response or reaction-time testing program
Visit the link above if you are planning on running an experiment that is controlled by a computer.

Requirements for building an online survey or questionnaire
Visit the link above if you are planning on implementing an online survey or questionnaire.

Poster Template
Download the above blank poster -- it has been formatted to the department’s standard print size. Use portrait orientation - 36" width x 42" height.

APA formatting and style guide
The above link provides general guidance in APA formatting.

Converting PowerPoint Poster Presentations to PDF for printing (MAC Users)
Download the above file for detailed instructions on how to convert a PowerPoint (ppt) poster presentation to a pdf (MAC users only).

Apply for money for your research:

Psi Chi 
Students must be members of Psi Chi to apply

Center for Learning, Teaching and Research
Funds for student travel to present research at professional conferences and meetings

In addition, both the Psychology Department and the Science Division (NASC) may be approached for funds (please consult with your advisor).