Energy & Green Buildings

We design and construct our buildings to last hundreds of years and support generations of students.


Taking the time to integrate sustainability into our buildings helps our institution to prevent future emissions and unnecessary energy spending, and better serve our students as a living lab.

Green Building 

Colgate is committed to green building design and construction. Several buildings on campus are LEED certified. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and its building standards are globally recognized for the building of sustainable facilities. Colgate's green building standards specify that all new construction and major renovations now must achieve a minimum rating of LEED Silver. 

Notable LEED Buildings on Campus 

  • Benton Hall: Platinum 
  • Class of 1965 Arena: Gold 
  • Trudy Fitness Center: Gold
  • Burke Hall: Gold
  • Pinchin Hall: Gold
  • Lathrop Hall: Certified


Colgate first adopted green building standards in 2015 and they are regularly updated to reflect the latest innovations in sustainable design.

View the 2019 Green Building Standards

Building and Residence Hall Monitoring

To inventory its emissions and track progress in the reduction of resource usage, Colgate has in place monitoring systems that track electricity, heat, and water usage in all buildings. See real-time data for the below buildings on our dashboard. 

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