Tableau Server Upgrade to 2022.1.5 on September 17, 2022

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The upgrade of our Tableau Server from version 2021.1.9 to version 2022.1.5 will result in changes to the navigation menu and toolbar in Tableau Server, but the design and functionality of dashboards will not change. 

One new feature in this version is the ability for users to create collections. This allows users to organize their favorite dashboards from a Tableau site into one place. More information can found here on how to create and use collections. Please note that each Tableau site is treated as a separate instance, so collections cannot be created to include items from multiple sites.

Below are some screenshots showing the differences between 2021.1.9 and 2022.1.5.

2021.1.9 Menu Navigation                 2022.1.5 Menu Navigation


Explore has been moved lower in the menu and Collections has been added as an option.


2021.1.9 Dashboard Header


2022.1.5 Dashboard Header

Alerts and Metrics have been moved under Watch. Other options have removed the verbiage and only the icon shows.