Wellness News - September and October 2020

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Take 5 Challenge

Relax and recharge with the Take 5 Challenge.  This will be the final challenge for the program year.

Stressful situations can be hard to deal with, but taking a few minutes for yourself can help. Sometimes, all it takes is a few deep breaths to relax and refocus. Don’t have time during the workday? Start or end the day with a deep breathing exercise at home.

Challenge sign-up dates: 10/5/2020–10/19/2020
Challenge runs: 10/12/2020–11/9/2020

How it works:
Give yourself one challenge point each day you take the time for at least five deep breaths to reduce stress.

The goal is to reach 20 challenge points to earn 15 wellness program points. 

Register and track your progress on connect.simplywell.com or the SimplyWell mobile app under the Well-being section.

Questions about this challenge or your wellness program? Call 888-848-3723.

CU Well 2020 Program Year Changes

Below are some changes for the CU Well 2020 program due to COVID-19.

The mandatory bio-metric screening will not be required. Employees who completed their bio-screen in February will keep their 50 points. Employees are still required to earn a total of 200 points

The 50 points typically earned through the bio-metric screen events can be earned by:

  • Featured Content: Articles (total of 50 points)- see below for access
  • Featured Content: Videos (total of 30 points)- see below for access
  • Creating Peer Challenges (total of 30 points)
  • Syncing your fitness tracker and walking 1 million steps (40 points)
  • Healthy Events (5 points- total of 15 points)- report up to 3 events you did on your own (workout video, a virtual race)
  • Creating Peer Challenges (30 points)
  • Completing Employer Challenges (15 points each total of 45 points). The final challenge of the year is the Take 5 Wellness Challenge. Sign-up: 10/5/20 - 10/19/20, the challenge runs: 10/12/20 - 11/9/20.


The preventative care compliance and member health assessment are still required items at 50 points each. All points must be logged in the CU Well online system by November 30, 2020, to be eligible for the incentive.

Reminder all eligible participants will receive $300 on a flexible spending account in January 2021. Employees hired between September 1, 2020, and October 31, 2020, will receive $150, by earning a total of 100 points by November 30, 2020. 

You do not have to be enrolled in the Colgate University Health Insurance plan or have your own Flexible Spending account to receive the CU Well Incentive. 

To access the featured articles and videos follow these instructions
1.    Log on to the website at connect.simplywell.com
2.    Under Profile at the top of the page select Numbers
a.    Click on any item in Blue (example Total Cholesterol) 
b.    Click the Play button the picture under Featured Content on the right-hand side
3.    Under Well-Being at the top of the page select Care
a.    Click on any item in Blue (example Dental Exam) 
b.    Click the Play button the picture under Featured Content on the right-hand side

Keep your eyes open for upcoming changes to the 2021 Program, including a new platform through Virgin Pulse, formerly SimplyWell. 

Work Area Setup Ergonomics

As many employees continue to work from home, it is important that you review your workspace to ensure it is ergonomically correct.

Lighting: Try to avoid facing a window or sitting with your back to it. Placing your monitor and desk perpendicular to the window is best. Position the monitor so there is no glare, if possible.

Monitor: The monitor should be 18-24 inches in front of you. The top line of your screen should be at or below eye level. If you don’t have a laptop riser, use a box or some books to raise your laptop. Place the monitor at a 10- to 20-degree angle.

1. Posture - Maintain a slight 90- to 120-degree bend in your arms and knees when sitting. Your back should be straight and supported by your chair.
     ✔ Keep wrist in neutral/straight position
     ✔ Shoulders relaxed
     ✔ Back supported
     ✔ Arm supported
     ✔ Thighs horizontal to the floor 
     ✔ Feet flat on the floor

2. Equipment - Arrange equipment, phone, and frequently used items within sight and reach. Place the mouse near the keyboard. 

3. Chair - Add a pillow, seat cushion, or back/leg support, if needed. 

Step Away and Stretch

Whenever possible, step away from your screen for five minutes once every hour of screen time.