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Medicare 101

October 29, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
560 Case-Geyer
Lunch will be provided

Relph Benefit Advisors, Colgate University’s employee benefit consultant, will be on campus presenting on retiree healthcare options. The presentation will include an overview of the Colgate University retiree plan as well as general information on Medicare such as enrolling deadlines, coverage choices, and coordination of benefits. You may wish to attend the session; if you are planning to retire in the next year, you are turning age 65, or you are helping a loved one as they retire. If applicable, your spouse or domestic partner may attend as well.

To register for the program, click here. Please register by Friday, October 25. This session will be limited to the first 50 individuals to respond.

TIAA and Fidelity Upcoming Appointments and Webinars


TIAA appointments can be scheduled online at tiaa.org/events or by calling 1-800-732-8353.
10/8     440 Case-Geyer
10/24   535 Case-Geyer 
11/14    535 Case-Geyer 
12/9     ALANA Cultural Center
12/10    440 Case-Geyer 

Register now for TIAA’s October live webinars at TIAA.org/webinars:

Special Topic: Making gifts to loved ones and charities 

You can maximize the value of your life’s work and help take care of your survivors and philanthropic causes with a little planning. This webinar will review basic strategies for giving to individuals and charities during your lifetime, as well as legacy planning. 
October 15 at noon 

Special Topic: Understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) 

You may know about the tax advantages of contributing to a Health Savings Account (HSA), but did you know that HSAs are also a way to save for health care in retirement? This webinar will help you understand some aspects of HSAs, including how they help account owners to pay for current health care expenses and save for those expenses in the future. 
October 16 at noon 

Special Topic: Market-proof your retirement 

In retirement — and the years leading up to it — protecting your savings becomes just as important as growing it. Join us to learn how to create your own personal pension with TIAA Traditional, offered by Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA).
October 16 at 3 p.m. 

Special Topic: Quarterly economic and market update 

TIAA’s chief investment strategist will discuss economic and market developments that may impact your retirement savings strategy. 
October 17 at noon

Within Reach: Transitioning from career to retirement 

You can plan ahead to help make the most of your retirement — from paying yourself to allowing for taxes, health care and estate planning wishes. 
October 17 at 3 p.m. 

Special Topic: Help protect you, your family, and your money 

Are you concerned about identity theft and your family’s security online? Learn about measures to help prevent identity theft — by securing your personal information on websites, social media, and mobile apps — and how to conduct online financial transactions safely. 
October 22 at noon 

Money at Work 2: Sharpening investment skills 

Feel more secure in your savings strategy by verifying you’re on the right track. And if you’re off track, know what adjustments you need to make. Learn how to plan your investments and hold on to as much of your nest egg as possible. 
October 22 at 3 p.m. 

Special Topic: Understanding Medicare 

Paying for health care in retirement is a critical part of financial planning, and it is important to understand how Medicare operates and what choices you have. This webinar will review aspects of Medicare, including eligibility and what plans are available to you. 
October 23 at noon

Start to Finish: The early career woman’s guide to financial wisdom 

When women are starting their careers, there’s a lot to consider — career goals, job satisfaction, achieving a work/life balance. But it’s important to also consider retirement. Discover how establishing a plan now can help establish your financial future. 
October 23 at 3 p.m. 

Special Topic: The 411 on 529 college savings plans 

You can learn all about how 529 college savings plans work and how to invest in one for a child, grandchild, yourself, or other loved one. 
October 24 at noon 

Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for your ideal retirement 

Find out how retirement savings, planning, and the real benefit of time are essential features of retirement investments. 
October 24 at 3 p.m. 

Special Topic: Planning for retirement—The why, what, and how 

This webinar will discuss the challenges and risks people face in retirement, and how good planning can address them. 
October 31 at 3 p.m. 


Fidelity appointments can be scheduled online at fidelity.com or by calling 1-800-642-7131.
10/23   104 ALANA Cultural Center
10/28   415 Case-Geyer
11/12    410 Case-Geyer
11/25    535 Case-Geyer


Turn Your Savings into Retirement Income

If you’re planning to retire within the next few years, learn the benefits of a retirement income plan, factors to consider when transitioning your savings into income, and ways to develop a retirement plan that suits your goals and lifestyle.
Tuesday, October 15, noon
560 Case-Geyer
RSVP at getguidance.fidelity.com