Celebrating Years of Service

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Please join us in thanking the following employees, who have reached years-of-service milestones between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021. Your hard work is deeply appreciated. Thank you for supporting Colgate’s mission, particularly during these challenging times.

5 Years

Cherie Ball, human resources
Jeffrey Blanchard, facilities 
Diane Boss, mail services
Jamie-Lee Broedel, conference services/summer programs
Brice Button, facilities 
Brian Casey, president's office
Jennifer Chapman, campus safety
Brian Dapson, facilities 
Corianne Deatly, admission
Julie Dolly, health services
Alexandra Fahey, admission
Brent Farrell, information technology
Angela Foster, admission
Joel Friedman, information technology
Robert Gaudreau, information technology
Drew Harris, center for leadership & involvement
Laura Hartpence, career services
Matthew Hill, facilities 
Joanna Holvey Bowles, off-campus study
Timothy Horn, communications
Tara Hulme, advancement - capital support
Joseph Inman, facilities 
Courtney Jasper, accounting & control
Sarah Jones, dean of the college
Katherine Kolozsvary, career services
Tristan Leinen, admission
Doreen Lewis, facilities department
Kerry Linden, registrar
Corey MacPherson, chaplain's office
Edith MacPherson, center for leadership & involvement
Cody Massett, facilities 
Jason Pierce, campus safety
Jeffrey Ratcliffe, facilities 
Tina Sharp, health services
Gina Soliz, financial aid
Marissa Tuttle, finance & administration
Megan VanAuken, athletics - equipment
Amy Walker, facilities  
Madalyn Walker, accounting & control
Kyle Wood, facilities department
David Youngs, facilities 

10 Years

Kevin Alt, campus safety
Jonathan Beers, information technology
Timothy Collett, psychology
Danelle Delaney, financial Aid
Robert Dow, facilities 
Tammy Ertley, provost and dean of faculty
Patrick Fagan, information technology
Allison Grim, library - conservation lab
David Klatsky, athletics-basketball
Katherine Laube, communications
Kristina Mangine, cooley science library
Laura McCormick, information technology
Andrew Vasquez, facilities 
Ashley Weaver, facilities 
Bruce Whitney, facilities 
Jeanne Willard, biology

15 Years

Daniel Ballard, facilities 
Robert Dye, facilities 
Mark Godshalk, facilities 
Charles Haurik, facilities 
Michael Head, Facilities 
Ahmad Khazaee, information technology
Carrie McFall, chemistry
Brent Nolan, facilities 
Jason Owen, facilities 
Rodney Pearson, facilities 
Richard Phoenix, facilities 
Timothy Smith, information technology
Patricia Staskowski, advancement - annual giving
Justin Weaver, facilities 

20 Years

John Collins, budget & decision support
Kevin Delaney, facilities 
Keith Diehl, facilities 
Holli Hadlock, mail services
James Hall, facilities 
Edward Kowalski, facilities 
Heather Palmer, finance & administration
William Parmeter, facilities 
Debra Pils, president's office
Janine Rasmussen, accounting & control
Bruce Scott, facilities 
Steven Wilcox, facilities 
Gary Bridge, emergency management

25 Years

Rebecca Downing, communications
Vicki Godfrey, facilities 
Suzanne Hodges, advancement - operations
Lee Ingraham, facilities 
Jeff Golley, facilities 
David Augustine, facilities 

30 Years

James Boss, facilities 
Gail Chlad, raab house
Lori Godshalk, athletics
Charlotte Jablonski, math & computer science
Kathy Jipson, communications
Todd Lewis, facilities 
Reyna Stagnaro, biology

40 Years

Mark Boise, mail services
Lori Chlad, human resources