High School Seminar 

The High School Seminar Program uses Colgate’s resources to benefit the region by introducing area high school students to college-level topics that are not available at their schools. It also encourages college attendance by providing them with the opportunity to experience a taste of life on a college campus. Faculty members are invited to teach a 3-class course to local high school students. For more information, reach out to Erin Childers-Loranty at echildersloranty@colgate.edu.

Service-Learning Course Development 

The COVE and the Upstate Institute, in partnership with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, offer course development grants to support Colgate faculty with teaching interests that involve community engagement. These grants include a faculty stipend and support for course-related expenses to develop a new or revised class that engages students in community outreach and fits the objectives outlined in the grant proposal. Contact Jeremy Wattles at jwattles@colgate.edu to discuss how to get involved.


Each year, while they move off campus, the COVE encourages students to donate unwanted items to local non-profit organizations. Faculty, staff, and students work together to collect and sort these items in Starr Rink to be collected by those organizations. Last year, the COVE distributed more than $60,000 worth of items to the local community. Contact Erin Childers-Loranty at echildersloranty@colgate.edu to volunteer for the program.

Afternoon of Service 

The COVE invites the campus community to join in the national days of service surrounding 9/11 and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Students, faculty, and staff dedicate an afternoon to volunteering with local community partners.


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