Sally Bonet

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Sally Bonet

Associate Professor of Educational Studies

Department/Office Information

17 Persson Hall
  • M 11:00am - 12:30pm (17 Persson Hall)
  • T 10:00am - 11:30am (17 Persson Hall)


Doctor of Philosophy in Education, May 2016
Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey,

Master of Science in Education, May 2006 
Pennsylvania Instructional Certificate: Elementary Education
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education 

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, December 2000
University of California Los Angeles

Bonet, S. W. (2022). Meaningless Citizenship: Iraqi Refugees and the Welfare State. Minneapolis, MN. University of Minnesota Press. 

Bonet, S. W. (2022). “What is the point of school anyway?”: Refugee youth, educational quality, and resettlement tunnel vision. Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 53: 240-257.

Bonet, S.W. (2022). “Sometimes, I wish we never came here”: Public schooling of Iraqi refugee youth and the (American) dream denied. In P. Goplan and M. Watson (Eds.) Transition and resilience: Refugees’ struggles to regain dignity and self-sufficiency in the United States. Routledge, 64-79.

Bonet, S.W. (2021). “Without English there are no rights”: Educating the (non)citizen in and out of adult language classes. In D. Warinner’s (Ed.) Refugee Education Across the Lifespan: Mapping Experiences of Language Learning and Use. New York, NY: Springer.

Bonet, S.W. & Taylor, A. (2020). “I Have an Idea!”: A Disabled Refugee’s Curriculum of Navigation for Resettlement Policy and Practice. Curriculum Inquiry, 50(3): 242-261.

Bonet, S.W. & Abu El-Haj, T. R. (2020). Reading over our shoulders: Writing about Arab youth, families, and communities in the post 9/11 US. In T. McCarty & A. Ali (Eds.) Critical Youth Research in Education: Methodologies of Praxis and Care. New York, NY: Routledge, pp. 187-204.

Bonet, S.W. & McWilliams, (2019). J.A. “Documenting Tragedy.”: Ethnography and the (Hidden) Costs of Bearing Witness. Anthropology and Education Quarterly. 50(1): 114-125. 

Abu El-Haj, T.R., Kaloustian, G., Bonet, S.W., & Chatila, S. (2018). Fifi the punishing cat and other civic lessons from a Lebanese Public Kindergarten School. Journal of Education in Emergencies, 4(1), 13-44

Bonet, S. W. (2018). “So Where are the Promises of This America? Where is the democracy and where are the human rights?”: Refugee youth, citizenship education, and exclusion from public schooling. Curriculum Inquiry, 48(1), 53-69.

McWilliams, J.A. & Bonet, S.W. (2016). Continuums of Precarity: Refugee Youth Transitions in American High Schools. International Journal of Lifelong Education, 35(2), 153-170

Bonet, S. W. (2016, October 12). Why refugee resettlement isn’t enough. Anthropology News.

McWilliams, J.A. & Bonet, S.W. (2015) Refugees in the City: Institutional Density, Neighborhood Effects and Incorporation. Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 14(4), 419-438.

Abu El-Haj, T.R. & Bonet, S.W. (2011). Education, Citizenship, and the Politics of Belonging: Youth from Muslim Transnational Communities and the “War on Terror”. Review of Research in Education, 35, 29-59

Bonet, S.W. (2011). Educating Muslim American Youth in a Post 9/11 Era: A Critical Review of Policy and Practice. The High School Journal. 95, 46-55

Spencer Foundation Small Research Grants on Education: "Examining the Role of Tuition-Free Private Schools in the Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis": 2020-2021

Picker Research Grant: Colgate University: 2020-2021

Frederick Erickson Outstanding Dissertation Competition, 2018
Second Place Winner 
Council on Anthropology and Education (CAE)
American Anthropological Association

Concha Delgado Gaitan CAE Presidential Fellow, 2016-2017
Council on Anthropology and Education
American Anthropological Association

Evelyn Headley Award for Outstanding Dissertation, 5/2017
Rutgers University Graduate School of Education

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, 2014-2015