Margery (Meg) Gardner

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Margery (Meg) Gardner

Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies; Director of the Teacher Education Program

Department/Office Information

15 Persson Hall


  • Ph.D. Syracuse University 2017
  • M.S. Utica College 2010
  • B.S. Cornell University 2003
  • Integrated STEM education
  • Adolescent education
  • Educational Leadership and social justice teaching
  • Environmental justice
  • Issues of gender, race, and ability in the P-12 setting

My research focuses on understanding the work of science teachers within the classroom context as they develop equitable pedagogies. Specifically, I investigate how teachers collaborate to enact instruction that confronts and actively resists traditional practices. I am also interested in the development of science and technological identities among students.

  • Gardner, M.A. (2017). Developing Connections Between Integrated Laboratory Practices and First-Year Undergraduate Nature of Science (NOS) Understanding. International Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 12(5), 1299-1315.
  • Gardner, M. (2014). The classroom and beyond: Insights on inquiry. Legacy, pp. 24-25.

Understanding integrated STEM science instruction through the experiences of teachers and students.

Committee: Dr. John Tillotson, Dr. Marcelle Haddix, Dr. Neal Abrams, Dr. Glenn Dolphin

  • EDUC 101: The American School
  • EDUC 455/555: Student Teaching
  • EDUC 453/553: Seminar on Curriculum and Instruction for Science/Mathematics