Lauren Philbrook

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Lauren Philbrook

Assistant Professor of Psychology

My research focus is in understanding the development of children’s biobehavioral regulation as it relates to health, academic skills, and adjustment. My research utilizes several measures of child psychophysiology, including neuroendocrine and autonomic nervous system activity, as well as child sleep, assessed using video recordings, actigraphy, and parent report. My recent work is particularly focused on how child regulation is related to adjustment in contexts of risk, including family and socioeconomic adversity.

Ph.D. Human Development & Family Studies (2015)
The Pennsylvania State University

M.S. Human Development & Family Studies (2012)
The Pennsylvania State University

B.A. Psychology, Neuroscience Concentration (2009)
Williams College


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Philbrook, L.E., & Teti, D.M. (2016). Associations between bedtime and nighttime parenting and infant cortisol in the first year. Developmental Psychobiology58, 1087-1100. doi:  10.1002/dev.21442

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Philbrook, L.E., & Teti, D.M. (2016). Bidirectional associations between bedtime parenting and infant sleep: Parenting quality, parenting practices, and their interaction. Journal of Family Psychology, 30, 431-441. doi:  10.1037/fam0000198 

Visiting Assistant Professor (2017-2018)
Williams College

Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2017)
Auburn University

For more information, please see my lab website or my Google Scholar page.