Kristin De Lucia

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Kristin De Lucia

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Department/Office Information

Sociology and Anthropology
417 Alumni Hall

AB Brown University, MA Arizona State University, PhD Northwestern University

Research and Teaching Interests:
Aztecs, Mesoamerica, household archaeology, political economy, complex societies, gender and identity, ceramics, food production, microanalysis, soil chemistry, childhood, ethnicity, social inequality, historical archaeology, colonialism, bioarchaeology

Current Research:
Dr. De Lucia is an anthropological archaeologist whose field research is based in Xaltocan, Mexico, where she studies households and how the daily practices of commoners influence the development of broader political economies and social systems. Her research interests include households, complex societies, the Aztecs, the development of inequality, colonialism, and the archaeology of identity (including gender, childhood, and ethnicity). She integrates various analytical methods into her research including micro-archaeology, soil chemistry, bioarchaeology, and pottery analyses. Dr. De Lucia is currently co-directing the Xaltocan Archaeological Project in the Xaltocan Church and her recent research has focused on ritual and religion in colonial and pre-colonial Mexico. This research was recently featured in The Colgate Scene and the Mexican newspaper, La Crónica de HoyRead more about her current research


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Peer Review Articles and Book Chapters:

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Other Publications

2021 Studying the Past to Understand the Present: Elizabeth Brumfiel Making Archaeology Interesting with Gender, Class, and Faction. In Genealogies for the Feminist Present: Lineages and Connections in Feminist Anthropology, edited by A. Lynn Bolles and Mary H. Moran. American Ethnologist Website, May 24, 2021.

2019 (C. Morehart, E. Rodríguez-Alegría, K. De Lucia, eds.) Xaltocan: arqueología, historia y comunidad, Self-published book distributed to the community of Xaltocan.

2016 Review of Material Relations: The Marriage Figurines of Prehispanic Honduras, by Julia A. Hendon, Rosemary A. Joyce and Jeanne Lopiparo (2014). Cambridge Archaeological Journal, FirstView Article, May 2016, pp 1-2.

ANTH 102 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 103 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 228 Women and Gender in Prehistory
ANTH 242 Archaeology of Race and Ethnicity

ANTH 253 Field Methods and Interpretation in Archaeology

ANTH 341: Archaeology of Death and Burial
ANTH 355 The Aztecs

Core 171C Mexico