Heather Kropp

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Heather Kropp

Visiting Assistant Professor

Department/Office Information

327 Ho Science Center


PhD, Environmental Life Sciences, Arizona State University 
B.S., Ecology, The Evergreen State College

Ecohydrology, Plant physiological ecology, Quantitative ecology

My research interests focus on gaining a better understanding of the influence of vegetation on ecosystem energy and water balances. I focus on ecosystems that experience extreme water and temperature regimes (e.g. the arctic, deserts), where differences in vegetative characteristics and physiology can affect model predictions and spatial variability in ecosystem water fluxes. My research employs a quantitative approach that uses mechanistic models to better understand ecosystem processes, typically in a Bayesian framework. 

H. Kropp, M.M. Loranty, H.D. Alexander, L.T. Berner, S.M. Natali, S. A. Spawn. (2017). Environmental constraints on transpiration and stomatal conductance in a Siberian Arctic boreal forest. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 122.

H. Kropp, K. Ogle, E. Vivoni, K. R. Hultine. (2017). The sensitivity of evapotranspiration to inter-specific plant neighbor interactions: implications for models. Ecosystems.

B.R.E. Peirson, H. Kropp, J. Damerow, M. Laubichler. (2017). The diversity of experimental organisms in biomedical research may be influenced by biomedical funding. BioEssays. 39: 1600258

Kropp, H., K. Ogle, and M. Wojciechowski (2016). A framework for partitioning plant rooting profiles from neighbors using multiple data types. Journal of Vegetation Science.

Kropp, H. and K. Ogle (2015). Seasonal stomatal behavior of a common desert shrub and the influence of plant neighbors. Oecologia, 177:345-355.

Advanced GIS, Earth Systems Ecology