George DeBoer

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George DeBoer

Professor of Educational Studies, Emeritus

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BA, Hope College, 1966; MAT, University of Iowa, 1968; PhD, Northwestern University, 1972

Glenbrook South High School, 1971-74; Northwestern University Medical School, 1968-71

Educational psychology; quantitative research methods; curriculum and instruction in school science and mathematics; social and cultural foundation of American education

Scientific literacy, the history of secondary school science teaching in the U.S., student achievement, gender effects on achievement in science and mathematics

A History of Ideas in Science Education: Implications for practice (New York: Teachers College Press, 1991); Research on goals for the science curriculum: (in Handbook of Research on Science Teaching, 1994); "Historical perspectives on scientific literacy" (in Scientific Literacy, 1997); reviews in The Colgate Scene; articles in Science Education, Journal of Research in Science Teaching, Educational and Psychological Measurement, Personnel and Guidance Journal, Journal of College Student Personnel