Dongfeng Xu

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Dongfeng Xu

Assistant Professor of Chinese

Department/Office Information

East Asian Languages and Literatures
102 Lawrence Hall
  • MTR 9:00am - 10:00am (102 Lawrence Hall)


B.A. (English Language and Literature), Beijing Institute of Foreign Languages, Branch School

M.A. (Comparative Literature), University of Alberta

Ph.D. (Comparative Literature), University of Chicago

Lecturer, Beijing Institute of Foreign Languages, Branch School, University of Chicago
Visiting assistant professor, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Instructor, Emory University, University of Alberta
Teaching assistant, University of Alberta, University of Chicago

Chinese language, poetry, and pre-modern narrative fiction of China, literary criticism, religion and literature, cross-cultural encounters between China and the West


Friendship and Hospitality: The Jesuit-Confucian Encounter in Late Ming China. Albany: The State University of New York Press, 2021.

Edited Books

Edited with Soon-bang Oh, et. als. Qing dai Jiduzongjiao xiaoshuo xuanzhu 清代基督宗教小說

選注(Christian Fiction in Qing China, 1709-1907: An Anthology with Commentary and Annotations). 2 vols. Taibei: Academia Sinica, 2018.

Edited with Sher-shiueh Li, et als. Wan Ming Tianzhujiao fanyi wenxue jianzhu 晚明天主教翻

譯文學箋注 (Christian Literature in Chinese Translation, 1595-1647: An Anthology with Commentary and Annotations). 4 vols. Taibei: Academia Sinica, 2015.

Edited with Sher-shiueh Li, et als. Guxin Shengjing 古新聖經 (A Vernacular Translation of the Old and New Testaments) Translated by Louis Antoine de Poirot (He Qingtai 賀清泰[1735-1813]). 9 vols. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 2015.


Authored with Richard G. Wang. “Three Decades’ Reworking on the Monk, the Monkey, and the Fiction of Allegory.” The Journal of Religion 96, no. 1 (2016): 102-21.

“Home as Metaphor in Su Shi’s Song Lyrics.” In Literature, Religion, and East/West Comparison: Essays in Honor of Anthony C. Yu, edited by Eric Ziolkowski. Newark, DE: University of Delaware Press, 2005. 125-43.

“Other Rhetoric: Reading Matteo Ricci’s A Treatise of Friendship.” In East Asian Cultural and Historical Perspective. Edited by Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek and Jennifer W. Jay. Edmonton, AB: University of Alberta Press, 1997. 357-71.

“Romance and Textual Politics: Self and Other in The Travels of Sir John Mandeville and The Three-Treasure Eunuch’s Travels to the Western Ocean.” East Asia Forum 4 (Fall 1995): 112-37.

Picker Fellowship, Colgate University

Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica

Fellow, Martin Marty Center, Divinity School, University of Chicago

Dissertation Fellowship, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Chicago

Doctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research, Council of Canada

Century Fellowship, University of Chicago