Chimebere Nwaoduh

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Chimebere Nwaoduh

Assistant Director of Residential Life

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Residential Life

Hailing from Newark, NJ, Chimebere is a proud city girl who is no stranger to Colgate. She graduated from Colgate in 2015 with a major in French and a minor in Theater. As a student, she served in many different leadership positions, including the Community Leader role. After taking a post-graduation year working back home in New Jersey, she returned to Colgate in the Fall 2016 semester as the Alumni Residential Fellow for the Gordon Blaine Hancock Commons in its inaugural year. Chimebere oversaw the Broad Street interest house and Coleman B. Brown Commons communities as an Assistant Director of Residential Life in the 2017-2018 year. Currently in her 3rd year as an Assistant Director overseeing Brown Commons, Chimebere is passionate about promoting the values of the late Coleman Brown within the Commons and is excited to focus her efforts on integrating the Commons into the fabric of Colgate's history. Chimebere hopes to use her experiences at Colgate and her passion for community building to create a residential experience at Colgate that is inclusive and respectful to the wide variety of its community members, where its community members can live and thrive together, and where they can truly make the most of their time here. When she isn’t in the office, you can find Chimebere at a Women’s Studies brown bag or intergroup dialogue (IGD) event, walking her dog Mr Wilson around campus, or choreographing in the dance studios at Ryan Hall with AfroBeat (check us out at the next Dance Fest!).