Brenda Sanya

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Brenda Sanya

Assistant Professor of Educational Studies

Department/Office Information

16 Persson Hall


PhD, Education Policy Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • Major Field: Global Studies in Education
  • Minor field: Queer Studies (Department of Gender and Women Studies)

MA, Gender/Cultural Studies, Simmons College

BA, Philosophy & Psychology, Gordon College 

  • The American School
  • Black Migrations
  • Democracy and Education
  • Introduction to Research Methods in Education
  • Pedagogies & Publics
  • Philosophies of Education

Edited Volumes

Sanya, B.N., Desai, K., Callier, D.M., & McCarthy, C. Eds. (2018). Special Issue:  Educative Practices and the Making of (Non)CitizensCurriculum Inquiry

Zerai, A., & Sanya, B.N. Eds. (2018) Safe Water, Sanitation and Early Childhood Malnutrition in East Africa: An African Feminist Analysis of the lives of Women and Children in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, Lexington Books.

Journal Articles

Sanya, B. N., Desai, K., Callier, D. M., & McCarthy, C. (2018). Desirable and disposable: Educative practices and the making of (non) citizens. Curriculum Inquiry, 48(1), 1–15 (first published online January 30, 2018).  

Sanya, B.N. & Odero, P.W. (2017). “Feminist Articulations, Social Literacies, and Ubiquitous Mobile Technology Use in Kenya.” Policy Futures in Education, 15 (3), 309–326 (first published online June 19, 2017). 

Desai, K., & Sanya, B.N. (2016). Towards Decolonial Praxis: Reconfiguring the Human and the Curriculum. Gender and Education, 28(6), 1–15 (first published online August 31, 2016). 

McCarthy, C., & Sanya, B.N. (2014). The New Iconography of the Global City: Displacement and the Residues of Culture in Chicago. Policy Futures in Education, 12(8), 981–992.

Reprinted in 2015. In L. Mirón, B.R. Beabout, and J.L. Boselovic (Eds.) Only in New Orleans: School Choice and Equity Post-Hurricane Katrina, edited by  54–67. Sense Publishers.

Sanya, B.N., & Lutomia, A.N. (2015). Archives and Collective Memories: Searching for African Women in the Pan-African Imaginary. Feminist Africa, 20(1), 69–76.

Sanya, B.N. (2013).  Disrupting patriarchy: An Examination of the Role of e-technologies in Rural Kenya. Feminist Africa, 18(1), 12–24.

Book Chapters

Sanya, B.N. (2018). Public Goods, Citizenship Rights: How lingering Structural Inequalities define Social Services and Government Policies. In A. Zerai & B.N. Sanya (Eds.), Safe Water, Sanitation and Early Childhood Malnutrition in East Africa: An African Feminist Analysis of the lives of Women and Children in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda (pp. 65–82). Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, Lexington Books. 

McCarthy, C., Patel, R., & Sanya, B.N. (2018). Toni Morrison and the Discourse of the Other: Against the Hypocrisy of Completeness. In J. M. Paraskeva (Ed.), Towards a Just Curriculum Theory: The Epistemicide (pp. 207–218). New York: Routledge.

McCarthy, C., Goel, K., Sanya, B.N., Greenhalgh-Spencer, H., & Chunfeng Lin. (2016). Digitalizing Tradition: Staging Postcolonial Elite School Identities in the Online Environment. In S. Choo, R. Vinz, D. Sawch, & A. Villanueva (Eds.), Educating for 21st century global capacities: International perspectives and practices(pp. 25–46) Singapore: Springer.

Lutomia, A.N., Sanya, B.N., & Rombo, D. (2016). Examining and Contextualizing the Impact of Kenya’s Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organization through an African Feminist Lens. In C. Lange, C. Schwabenland, J. Onyx, & S. Nakagawa (Eds.), The Role of Civil Society in the Emancipation of Women: Challenging or Reinforcing the Status Quo? (pp. 321–342) Cambridge: Policy Press.

Sanya, B.N., & Lutomia, A.N. (2016). Feminism Unfinished: Towards Gender Justice and Women’s Rights in Kenya. In M.M. Kithinji, M. Mwanzia Koster, & J.P. Rotich (Eds.), Kenya after Fifty: Reconfiguring Education, Gender, and Policy (pp. 227–252). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

McCarthy, C., Greenhalgh-Spencer, H., Goel, K., Lin, C., Castro, M., Sanya, B.N., & Bulut, E. (2015). The Visual Field of Barbadian Elite Schooling: Toward a Postcolonial Social Aesthetic. In J. Fahey, H. Prosser, & M. Shaw (Eds.), In the Realm of the Senses: Social Aesthetics and the Sensory Dynamics of Privilege (pp. 137–169). Singapore: Springer Singapore. 

Sanya, B.N. (2014). Mobile Technologies and Feminist Possibilities in Rural Kenya. In C. McCarthy, A. Kozma, M. Fitzpatrick, K. Palma, & N. Lamers (Eds.), Mobilized Identities: Mediated Subjectivity and Cultural Crisis in the Neoliberal Era (pp. 240–256). Champaign: Common Ground. 

Encyclopedia & Handbook Entries

Span, C. M., & Sanya, B.N. (2019) Education and the African Diaspora. In J. Rury and E. Tamura, eds. The Oxford Handbook of History of Education. New York: Oxford University Press. 

Goel, K., Sanya, B.N., & Lin, C. (2016). Cultural Studies and Education in the Digital Age. In M. Peters (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory (pp. 1–6). Singapore: Springer Singapore.

States of Discretion: Black Migrating Bodies & Citizenship in the United States