Alison Koleszar

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Alison Koleszar

Senior Lecturer in Earth and Environmental Geosciences

Department/Office Information

Earth and Environmental Geoscience
333 Ho Science Center

PhD 2011, Oregon State University
ScM 2007, Brown University
BA 2004, Colgate University

I study volcanic rocks and minerals to investigate what controls the eruptive style of volcanoes.

Current research with students at Colgate:

  • Testing the controls on eruption size and style at intermediate arc volcanoes: Evidence from the Holocene record at Augustine Volcano, USA


Some previous projects:

  • Trace element characteristics of zircons from granitoid intrusions and porphyries in Peru
  • Controls on eruptive style and magma compositions at Mount Hood, Oregon
  • Magma sources and volatile elements (water, carbon dioxide, sulfur, chlorine, fluorine) in lavas of the Galápagos Archipelago


Classes I currently teach include: 

  • Dangerous Earth (Core Science)
  • Earth Resources (Core Science)
  • Environmental Geology (GEOL 101)
  • Sustainable Earth (GEOL 102)
  • Volcanology (GEOL 260)
  • Geochemistry (GEOL 403)


I'm always looking for new ways to make the classroom more engaging, inviting, and interactive!