Transfer Credit for Off-Campus Study

Transfer Credit

Colgate students planning to study off-campus or abroad: The department will accept for major credit a maximum of two political science courses taken at other institutions. Only one transfer credit will be accepted toward the minor. These courses must have been approved for transfer credit by the Colgate registrar and by the member of the Department of Political Science designated to evaluate them. In all instances, courses accepted for major or minor credit must be comparable in quality, quantity of reading and writing, and scope of coverage to courses offered in the department. Transfer credits will not ordinarily be offered for POSC-100 level courses or POSC 232. 400-level courses will not be accepted under any circumstances. Students who anticipate applying for major or minor credit for a course or courses to be taken at another institution should consult with the department's transfer credit representative before enrolling elsewhere.

Students can receive pre-approval for major credits for courses taken abroad by submitting the Transfer Credit Course Equivalency Form in the semester prior to departure.  In submitting this form, students must attach a syllabus; a link to an online course description will not suffice. The department's transfer credit czar, currently Professor Ed Fogarty ( will make a determination of the course(s) suitability within 3-4 weeks. Contact Professor Fogarty if you have questions.