Students who will be hosting group events featuring alcohol must register those events with the university, and be properly trained to ensure that the events are safe, healthy, and enjoyable.

TIPS Training

Students attending in-person TIPS will learn how to make sound choices when faced with difficult decisions about alcohol use. In addition, students will learn the contract process for acquiring entertainment, caterers, security, tent rentals, seating, restroom facilities and other areas needed to produce a successful event. Host(s) only need to participate in the training once; however, hosts may be asked to participate in additional training following a violation of the social hosting process or alcohol policy.

How do I take this training?
TIPS training is an in-person, classroom training offered to a minimum of 10 or more people. If you wish to be TIPS trained, you can contact the Shaw Wellness Institute ( to schedule a training for your group, or by calling 315-228-6403.