Students who will be hosting group events featuring alcohol must register those events with the university, and be properly trained to ensure that the events are safe.

Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP)

Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) is a skills training program specifically designed for college students. The emphasis of the training is on how to handle situations in which individuals have misused alcohol. The materials are focused on the college environment and how your actions can prevent alcohol-related problems. For legal-aged students it will provides the opportunity to learn how to create a responsible drinking environment. ASTP is an organizational training that is free of cost to all students, specifically all student organizations. The training is a prerequisite for student organizations to register an event with alcohol.

How do I take this training?

The training sessions are 90 minutes long and each session can host up to 25 people. You can register for ASTP, here. If you have over 25 individuals who need to be trained you should select "Multiple Times" when you fill out the form. 

At least 75% of a student organization's membership must complete ASTP prior to the Dean of the College reviewing an Event with Alcohol registration form.

If you have further questions please email