Each fall, faculty must submit a self-review to the department chair in order to be considered for any increase in salary.


Please note that no report is required from visiting faculty, faculty new to Colgate, or from faculty who will undergo review during the academic year.


Check the administrative deadlines page to learn when self reports are due. Deadlines are typically during the first half of the fall semester.

Guidelines: Full-time and Category I Faculty

Your self-report should address the following items:

  • Noteworthy aspects of your teaching
    Feel free to describe efforts to improve, experiment with, or revise your courses. (The actual enrollments for the year are reported elsewhere and need not be recorded here.) Please also address what the previous year’s SETs revealed about your current teaching effectiveness and any planned changes (new courses, new approaches, etc.) for the coming academic year.
  • Completed achievements
    Achievements in the area of scholarship and/or creative work, including publications, grants, fellowships, shows, concerts, lectures, consulting, editorial service, and scholarly presentations. In separate sections, please provide full citations for (a) all works that have formally appeared (e.g., in print) between September 1, 2011, through August 31, 2012; and (b) all works accepted for publication that are not yet in print (i.e., works that are “in press”).
  • Scholarly and/or creative works in progress
    Including work submitted for publication and grant proposals submitted for outside funding. Please label each of your publications as “in print,” “in press,” and “in progress.”
  • University service activities
    Please also discuss student advising and student research.
  • Professional service activities
    For example, offices in professional organizations, editorial work, etc.
  • Projected leave plans
    Please indicate if you are thinking of being on leave sometime in the next two years.

Guidelines: Senior Lecturers and Laboratory Instructors

Your self-report should address the following items:

  • Noteworthy aspects of teaching
    Please briefly discuss your experiences this past year in instructing Colgate students both formally and informally. Feel free to describe efforts you have made in the classroom or lab to improve or change your academic instruction and teaching. How would you like to improve your teaching in the future?
  • Noteworthy aspects of program support and service to the department or program
    If applicable, please describe the ways beyond formal teaching and student instruction that you have contributed to the department or program during the past year.
  • Other notable accomplishments