Each fall, faculty must submit a self-review to the department chair in order to be considered for any increase in salary. Self-reports provide current information that is essential for discussion of salary increases; the lack of submission of the report may result in a below-normal raise. 


Please note that no report is required from visiting faculty, faculty new to Colgate, or from faculty who will undergo review during the academic year. Senior Lecturers and Lab Instructors should complete all sections relating to their teaching and any other sections that are applicable to their work. Library faculty do not need to complete a self-report in Word: they should continue to use the library self-report process.

Deadline- October 18, 2023

Check the administrative deadlines page to learn when self reports are due. Deadlines are typically during the first half of the fall semester.

Faculty Self-Report Instruction Sheet

Tenure-Stream and Category I Faculty, Senior Lecturers, and Lab Instructors