Projected Courses in Political Science

A list of upcoming course offerings in the Department of Political Science at Colgate, for the purposes of planning for course registration

Spring 2020

Course Number Course Title
POSC 150 America as a Democracy (two sections)
POSC 152 Global Peace & War
POSC 153 Introduction to Comparative Politics (three sections)
POSC 212 The Politics of Race and Ethnicity
POSC 232 Fundamentals of IR (three sections)
POSC 260 Foundations of Political Thought
POSC 321 Political Parties and Electoral Process (two sections)
POSC 323 American Elections and Party Power (two sections)
POSC 335 U.S. Environmental Politics
POSC/PCON 341 War and the Shaping of American Politics
POSC 349 International Political Economy
POSC 357 International Institutions
POSC 364 Politics of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan
POSC 366 Contemporary American Foreign Policy (two sections)
POSC 377 Political Psychology
POSC 388 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
POSC 416 Seminar: Democratic Transitions and Consolidation
POSC 434 Seminar: Immigrants, Refugees, and the Politics of Borders
POSC 451 Seminar: Africa in World Politics
POSC 456 Seminar: War–Theories and Practices
POSC 499 Honors Colloquium

Additional courses will be added at a later date.