Projected Courses in Political Science

A list of upcoming course offerings in the Department of Political Science at Colgate, for the purposes of planning for course registration

Fall 2023

Course Number Course Title
POSC 150 America as a Democracy (one large section)
POSC 151 Politics and Moral Vision (two sections)
POSC 152 Global Peace and War (one large section)
POSC 153 Introduction to Comparative Politics (two sections)
POSC 214 Comparative Politics: East & Southeast Asia
POSC/MIST 215 Comparative Politics: Middle East
POSC 216 Comparative Politics: Latin America
POSC 232 Fundamentals of International Relations (four sections)
POSC 260 Foundations of Political Thought (two sections)
POSC 303 A View From the Mayor's Desk: Current Dynamics of American Governance
POSC 307 China's Foreign Relations (two sections)
POSC 326 State and Local Politics
POSC 328 Religion and Politics
POSC 331 Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa
POSC 345 The News Media and the Political Process (two sections)
POSC 346 Beneath the Black Robes: Courts as Political Institutions
POSC 347 Civil-Military Relations
POSC 357 International Institutions (two sections)
POSC 379 Development of the Modern State
POSC 382 American Political Thought
POSC 389 Constitutional Law: Structures & Powers
POSC 416 Seminar: Democracy, Capitalism, and the Changing World Order
POSC 433 Seminar: Topics in Globalization
POSC 437 Seminar: Democratization and Prospects for Peace and Prosperity
POSC 456 Seminar: War--Theories and Practices
POSC 464 Seminar: Freedom and Authority
POSC 498 Seminar: Honors Colloquium

Additional courses will be added at a later date.