Pre-Architecture Studies First Year Courses

DirectorC. Guile
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Students preparing for graduate work in architecture are encouraged to partake fully of Colgate’s liberal arts offerings and should pursue a major in whichever of the University’s major programs that attract their interest. In addition, they should expect to take at least one semester of calculus and one semester of physics (PHYS 105/105L or PHYS 111/111L). Finally, they must prepare a visual portfolio, for which at least ARTS 211 and ARTS 263 are strongly recommendedPre-Architecture students should plan to take ARTS 271 during the junior year when participating in pre-architecture Approved Programs in Copenhagen or Florence. Enrollment in ARTS 100 in the first year is strongly encouraged, as it is a prerequisite for the 200-level studio courses. The Department of Art integrates the historical study of architecture in its 100-level surveys and also offers a range of courses focusing on architectural issues and history: ARTS 105, Introduction to Architecture; ARTS 215, Age of Cathedrals; ARTS 220, Early Modern European Architecture; ARTS 244, Arts of India; ARTS 249, Art and Architecture of the Ancient Americas; ARTS 275, American Campus Architecture; and ARTS 277, Modern Architecture. Courses in the geography, sociology, and environmental studies programs will acquaint students with the human and physical impacts of architecture and urban design. Many students participate in summer intensive architectural programs hosted by many architecture schools between their junior and senior years. Incoming students who are interested in architecture should consider ARTS 100 or a 100-level Art History survey in their first semester. For more information on preparing for an architectural career, contact Professor Carolyn Guile in the Department of Art ( during the summer or during the first weeks after your arrival at Colgate.