Human Resources and the Finance Office review all open non-faculty positions and new position requests across the university. They make strategic staffing decisions in line with Colgate's operating budget.

All positions that carry benefits must be submitted for approval to fill. Requests to fill positions must have the approval of the divisional Vice President/Dean prior to being submitted to Human Resources.

Departments should strategically assess the needs of the department/division prior to submitting a request for a straight replacement for the exiting employee.

All submissions must include:

  • A Position Request Form that includes the justification of the need
  • An explanation of any changes in structure and the impact on the department and University
  • Review the job description and submit changes through the Recruitment/Performance Management system link in the portal. 

Significant changes (title, level, salary range, etc.) requested after position approval, will require an additional review, depending on the change, by Human Resources, the divisional VP/Dean and the Senior VP for Finance and Administration.  

New position requests will normally be reviewed during the budget cycle beginning the fall prior to the new budget year. Colgate will review and prioritize requests based on strategic priorities and available funding during the spring semester. Approved positions will begin July 1 or after.  Departments are encouraged to identify funds to help fund any new position requests. Positions that are not filled for an entire budget cycle will not be budgeted for the following year and will require approval in order to be reestablished.