OAK (Optimization | Analytics | Knowledge) is a cross-functional team of institutional representatives that helps manage the priorities of technology projects that may broadly impact the Colgate community and ITS resources. Through open dialogue we strive to:

  • Identify areas where we can implement common solutions, thereby minimizing the proliferation of software solutions across campus,
  • Act as an experienced sounding board and advisory group on large technology projects to help them be more effective and efficient, and
  • Prioritize projects so that financial, ITS resources, and human capital needs are used for the most strategically important projects for Colgate

What Constitutes an OAK Project

Projects meeting any of the criteria below should be presented as an OAK project

  • Administrative project (not academic, teaching or research project)
  • Impacts Colgate’s strategic initiatives
  • Requires significant resources (human and/or financial)
  • Often impacts more than one department or division
  • Similar to other initiatives or software products on campus 
  • Has the support of a Division leader or President's staff member


OAK Representatives

OAK Member (area of representation)

  • Neil Albert (Institutional Research, Registrar)
  • Yariv Amir (Athletics)
  • Kelli Ariel (Communications)
  • Tim Borfitz, co-chair (ITS)
  • John Collins (Budget and Decision Support)
  • Niranjan Davray (ITS)
  • Sue Dolly Lathrop, co-chair (Admission and Financial Aid)
  • Lindsey Hoham (Advancement)
  • Ellen Holm (Dean of the College, Students)
  • Douglas Johnson (Dean of the Faculty, Faculty)
  • Brittany Plumley (Finance and Administration)
  • Amy Ryan (Human Resources)
  • Mark Sandford (Libraries, Faculty)