NCAA Rules for Faculty and Staff

As an NCAA and Patriot League member institution, Colgate University is obligated to follow the rules governing intercollegiate athletics.


This obligation to adhere to the rules of the NCAA is institutional in nature and therefore extends beyond the athletic department to all Colgate employees. Employees are likely considered to be boosters under the NCAA’s broad definition of that term.

NCAA booster legislation consists of three main rules. Listed below are those three rules and specific examples that could apply to your interactions with prospective and current student-athletes.

Rule 1 – No Gifts or Benefits

Faculty/staff cannot give items or offer services to prospective (9th-12th grade) or enrolled student-athletes unless those benefits are generally available to all prospective or enrolled students or to a particular segment of individuals on a basis unrelated to athletics (e.g., international students, minority students).


  • Money/Discounts
  • Items of value (e.g., hats, shirts)
  • Tickets to movies or other events
  • Transportation
  • Meals*

* With prior approval from the Colgate Athletics Compliance Office, faculty/staff members may provide student-athlete(s) with meals on an occasional basis.

Rule #2 – No Recruiting

Faculty/staff cannot have face-to-face contacts with prospects that are directed or arranged by Colgate’s coaches unless they occur:

  • On campus; or
  • Off campus (within 30 miles) if the prospects are on NCAA official paid visits.

Faculty/staff cannot call prospects regarding athletics. You may receive calls from prospects that are unrelated to athletics (i.e. academic experience, study-abroad opportunities). Please inform prospects to direct questions about athletics to Colgate’s athletic department.

Faculty/staff cannot publicize the recruitment of any prospect or a prospect’s visit to campus (e.g., posting/sharing a picture of a prospect’s visit on social media).

Rule 3 – No Sports Wagering

Nonathletic department staff members who have responsibilities within or over the athletics department (e.g., president, faculty liaisons) are prohibited from participating in or providing information related to sports wagering activities concerning any intercollegiate or professional athletics competition in which the NCAA conducts a championship.

Wagering is defined as putting something at risk (e.g., entry fee, items of value) in return for the opportunity to win something.

Compliance Office

The job of the Colgate Athletics Compliance Office is to assist you whenever you have questions about NCAA legislation, and we are happy to help. If you have any questions about whether something is permissible, please contact the Colgate Athletics Compliance Office.