Colgate University Orientation Link Position Description

Approximately 65-75 carefully-selected rising sophomores, juniors and seniors will help orient our new students to Colgate and prepare for individual success. Through small and large group experiences, educational programs, and social events, our New Student Orientation and Raider Welcome Week Staff will increase new student’s familiarity with student life, faculty and academic expectations and opportunities, and our larger Hamilton community.

The Orientation Staff is diverse in background, in thought, in action, and in life experiences, and exhibit multicultural-competency as one of their leadership attributes. Links will be selected who are representative of the diversity we celebrate in our larger Colgate community. In addition, the members of Orientation Staff are enthusiastic, approachable, dependable, mature, and possesses high integrity and good communication.

  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University.
  • Create an inclusive and warm, welcoming environment.
  • Serve as an ambassador for Colgate and exceed and maintain a standard of personal conduct consistent with the values, expectations, and responsibilities of Colgate University.
  • Be committed to making a difference in the lives of their peers, new students, and their families.
  • Display a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and be willing to work the expected and unexpected hours necessary to implement successful New Student Orientation and Welcome Weeks.
  • Hold peers accountable and set a good example for new students by exhibiting community values and Colgate expectations.
  • Possess strong interpersonal and time management skills.
  • Adapt to change, maintain high energy, exhibit professionalism and school spirit.
  • Serve as a campus guide and resource during orientation, welcome weeks, as well as throughout the fall semester and in the spring in an informal capacity.  
  • Role model academic and social behavior reflective of a student leader.
  • Attend and actively participate in required spring semester (March/April) and August trainings.
  • Facilitate small group discussion on various topics, including diversity, equity and inclusion, academic expectations, social life at the College, involvement, and ways to integrate into the Colgate vcommunity.
  • Lead and participate in Raider Welcome Week community exploration events.
  • Assist with set-up and take down of all Orientation and Raider Welcome Week events.
  • Read the selected book for the First-Year Summer Book Program and promote discussion around its themes and topics.
  • Maintain your role as an Orientation and Raider Welcome Week Leader throughout the fall semester by attending programs with your new students, encourage participation in campus life events, and stay connected and engaged in their first year experience.
  • Commit to a high level of personal ethics and responsibility, and as such, will refrain from engaging in romantic relationships with new students or each other; will refrain from consuming alcohol before or during orientation and welcome week activities; will refrain from illegal behavior – which includes abiding by New York state law and the Colgate University Student Code of Conduct; and will not be absent without notice.
  • Links who are involved in Fraternity & Sorority Life will be expected to disaffiliate during Orientation.
  • If choosing to use any form of social media, role model appropriate choices and behaviors on public outlets/forums. Be aware that even private accounts may become publicly viewed or shared, and, if brought to the attention of staff, will be treated as such.

Colgate University Link Selection Process

  1. Thoroughly review selection process information and application materials. Confirm that all the dates and times work in your schedule and note if you have any questions about the orientation and welcome week selection process. All of the dates below are REQUIRED attendance to be a member of the staff.
    Spring Training Dates for Orientation & Welcome Weeks Wednesdays from 7-9pm on March 25, April 1,
    April 8, and Friday, March 27 4-6pm
    Fall Training
    (see below for exact staff training start date)
    Wednesday, August 12 - Saturday, August 22
    Lead Link Staff Begins Wednesday, August 12
    3rd Year Staff Begins Thursday, August 13
    Spring Study Abroad Staff Begins Friday, August 14
    Full Staff Begins Saturday, August 15
    Orientation and Welcome Weeks Sunday, August 23 - Sunday, September 13
    Common Cup Challenges Throughout the fall and spring semesters
  2. Complete the online application. 

    The application is designed to inform us about an applicant’s background, academic pursuits, and motivation for becoming a member of the orientation and welcome week staff. Returner staff members must reapply. Students studying abroad in the current spring semester are eligible to apply and students studying abroad in the fall semester are ineligible.

    Link applications are due by Sunday, February 2 at 11:59 p.m.

    Please note: All applicants' cumulative and semester GPAs will be verified and your academic and disciplinary records will be reviewed.
  3. Participate in a group interview.

    The group interview process is designed to assess each applicant’s communication and listening skills, flexibility, maturity, cooperation, responsibility, self-initiative, and leadership style in a diverse team environment. Group interviews will be made up of 15-20 applications and will be facilitated by former orientation staff and a College staff member. Dress is business casual.

    Group Interviews for Link applicants are:
    • Tuesday, February 11: 4:30-6pm / 6-7:30pm / 7:30-9pm 
    • Wednesday, February 12: 4:30-6pm / 6-7:30pm / 7:30-9pm
  4. Individual Interviews (pending invitation).

    A select number of applicants will be invited to continue to the individual interview process. Individual interviews will be conducted by the Lead Link staff and a College staff member. The individual interview process is designed to provide a more detailed insight regarding candidates’ experiences, qualifications, and understanding of the College and their role. Dress is business casual.

    Individual Interviews will be held from Monday, February 24 until Friday, March 6
    Orientation & Welcome Week Final Selection Letter: Week of March 9