The Link Staff application consists of personal information and a series of questions about yourself. Please read all the questions and consider your answers before continuing to the application link.

Getting to Know You

This section allows the application reviewers to better understand you and your personality. With this in mind, please be creative and honest.

  1. Select a character from a book, film, tv, etc that most embodies you or best describes you as a person, and then tell us why this character embodies or describes you.

Short-Response Questions

Please respond to the questions below as completely and thoroughly as possible. (Maximum length: 250 words each.)

  1. What is an important lesson you have learned at Colgate?  How would you use this knowledge as a student leader to help others?
  2. In what ways have you served as a mentor, teacher or role model?  How will you share those experiences as a member of the staff?

Essay Question

Please respond to the questions below. 

  1. Orientation, Welcome Weeks and Common affiliation are important transitional experiences for first-year and transfer students. The College makes a conscious effort to recruit leaders who reflect the diversity of our larger community: diverse in background, in thought, in action and in experiences, as well as leaders who exhibit multicultural competency.  Describe why this value is important. Why do you think appreciating difference is important when it comes to working with new students and their families?  
  2. What efforts have you made or been involved with that have fostered inclusion at Colgate?

Returner Staff Question

Please respond to the questions below. (Maximum length: 250 words each.)

  1. How have you changed or grown as a leader from your orientation experience(s) (training and/or the program)?  

Campus Opportunities 

Please share with us your current involvement experiences.  These could be on or off-campus, internships, part-time jobs, memberships or leadership roles in organizations. Is there anything else you plan to be involved in fall 2020 or spring 2021? 

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