Lampert Faculty Development Grants

Curricular Opportunity for Faculty Development

Grants for Collaborative Global Teaching

In concert with the Faculty Development Council, the Lampert Institute offers curricular opportunities for faculty development in the form of collaborative global teaching grants. 

Recognizing the mutually sustaining interplay between research and teaching, the Lampert Institute promotes pedagogical innovation that draws upon a global community of scholars, experts, authors, and practitioners. The Institute offers grants ranging from $100 to $1,000 to support international guest lectures or co-teaching through video conferencing. 

Through the Collaborative Global Teaching Grant, the Lampert Institute aims to deepen student understanding of important global issues and to view those issues from a cross-cultural perspective. The grants support dynamic and interactive tele-collaborative curricular innovations that promote student engagement and transform the the learning environment.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. For more information, contact Jason Kawall, director of the Lampert Institute.


Applications should be submitted to Jason Kawall either by campus mail or by e-mail and include the following:

  1. Cover page with applicant name and contact information, home department or program, course title, name and affiliations of guest lecturer or co-teacher. 
  2. Summary of the course or a syllabus.
  3. Description of proposed collaborative teaching model. (Stipends for teaching one lecture typically range between $100-$200.)
  4. Brief explanation of the ways in which the curricular innovation will impact students and support course aims.
  5. Description of technology needs and ITS support. Please note that the conference room in the Center for International Programs is well equipped to host classes up to 24 students. 
  6. Curriculum vitae of applicant.


Recipients of Lampert Collaborative Global Teaching Grants will be expected to provide a written summary of the outcomes of their curricular innovation within two weeks of the end of the semester in which the grant was used.