The Kallgren Committee oversees the Kallgren Fund. (The Committee membership is established by the Fund guidelines. Its members include two elected members of the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) who are chosen by FAC, the faculty secretary, a representative of the faculty club, and the Dean of Faculty.) The Kallgren Committee is soliciting proposals from groups of faculty for trips or off-campus experiences around a common interest, and has charged the Faculty Development Council (FDC) with selecting which proposals receive funding. The deadline for submitting electronic proposals is November 3, 2017, and relevant travel would need to be completed by August 31, 2018. Email proposals to the Chair of the Faculty Development Council and to the Administrative Assistant for the Associate Deans of the Faculty.

Proposals need to come from a group of faculty rather than single individuals. The trips can be tightly-focused, small-scale affairs (like a trip to see an exhibition in New York) or larger-frame events (like the recent Core trip to India)—or anything in between. In addition to grants for travel, the FDC will also consider proposals for collaborative, multi-faculty meetings that take place away from Hamilton but do not involve significant travel (for example, a meeting at Camp Colgate). In all cases, projects funded by the Kallgren program are expected to contribute to new pedagogical, curricular and/or scholarly developments, and are projects not otherwise supported by other university funding options. Preference will be given to proposals that include faculty from more than one department.

The amount available next year will be about $40,000. How many proposals are funded will depend on the budget size of the most interesting proposals. Please email the Chair of the Faculty Development Council, Eddie Watkins, with any questions (