External Social Media Community Guidelines

Colgate University maintains an official presence on the following social media sites:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These accounts are maintained and monitored by the Office of University Communications. 

Colgate University is dedicated to rigorous discourse that is both sound and fair. In keeping with the University’s commitment to freedom of expression, we encourage open communication, inquiry, and debate on our online platforms just as on campus. The Colgate community has a dedication to inquiry and knowledge seeking, and the desire to attain understanding and awareness. To assist our online communities, we have developed the Colgate University Social Media Community Guidelines.

Colgate University does not discriminate against any views but reserves the right to review and delete comments that are determined to be:

  • Offensive, defamatory, or hate speech toward an individual, group, or organization
  • Harassing, threatening, or inciting illegal activities
  • False, misleading, or unsubstantiated statements
  • Spam, irrelevant to the subject, or repeated content to boost visibility
  • Commercial in purpose, to obtain money or access private information
  • Violating Colgate’s Commitment to Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression

Colgate University reserves the right but is not obligated to, review, delete, or withhold comments; remove a user’s ability to comment; and/or ban a user from interacting with any official University social media page at any time. 

Comments made on pages maintained by Colgate University are the opinions and expressions of the commenter only; the appearance of opinions or expressions on the page does not constitute agreement or endorsement by the University. 

Social Media is an ongoing medium and while we do our best to moderate in a timely fashion there are times that staffing is unavailable. We trust the community understands that the University works to answer questions and moderate conversations as quickly as possible. 

Learn more about social media platform community standards: