Information about the systems and policies supporting Colgate faculty and staff business travel.

About Employee Travel

Colgate faculty and staff may need to travel in the course of conducting research and University business. Several arrangements and platforms exist to streamline the booking of travel, and to ensure the responsible use of University funds.

The Colgate University Travel Policy officially documents University requirements, while the additional resources below act as guides to employees as they arrange their travel.

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CBT Best Practices


  • For simple travel requests, please utilize the online booking tool found on the main page of Concur. Alternatively, employees can email or call to book travel if they need to correspond with a travel advisor. 
  • If you need a travel advisor, be sure to include all the necessary details in your first contact (i.e. trip details like dates, times, hotel, car, full name(s) of all travelers, traveler preferences, budget code number, and any other things you would like CBT to consider).  If you are booking for a guest traveler, you will need to collect their full, legal name as seen on their driver’s license, as well as TSA information like date of birth, gender, current address, and phone number.
  • If you have flight options that you have been researching please share the exact details, down to the actual fare class if you can, with the advisor. 
  • Be clear on where you have flexibility with fares, different dates and times of travel, airline preferences, and times for arrival and departure.  Don’t assume that anything should be obvious to the advisor.
  • Also be clear on where you do not have flexibility with fares, different dates and times of travel, airline preferences, and times for arrival & departure.
  • If there are alternate airports you would consider for both outbound and/or return please be sure to share that.
  • If the emails between you and the advisor exceed 4-5, it is suggested to both parties that a phone call would be prudent to simplify and be more efficient in getting the travel booked.
  • CBT does not save profiles or travel details of non-Colgate employees.  If a non-employee has booked travel through CBT in the past, for security reasons their legal travel information and form of payment will need to be provided again at the time of booking.
  • If a department has many Guest Travelers, CBT can set departmental ADC’s up with Guest Booking privileges so they can book the travel for their guests themselves.


CBT Contact Information

Main Colgate Designated Phone Lines

Toll-Free: 855-993-0423
Local: 801-613-1912 (Can be used out of the US)

Designated Colgate Full-Service Advisors

Kari Fichter:, 801-327-7693
Pooja Malik:, 801-327-7662
Allison Holms:, 801-327-7612

All University Advisor Team Contact Information