A requisition is a request to procure an item or service using Banner Finance (see below) or Colgate Unimarket.  To obtain online requisition authorization, the budget manager should forward an e-mail request with budget number(s) and person needing authorization to Drew Porter. Access is usually granted within 24 hours.

Access Through Portal

  • Log into portal
  • Click on "Create Requisitions" under Banner Self-Service
  • Complete Requisition Form

Web Requisition Information

  1. Transaction date: No entry required, automatic default to current date.
  2. Delivery date: Enter date required for order to be received.
  3. Vendor Name: Enter name of the vendor.
    • Note: If this is a new vendor, please provide all vendor information in the “Other Info” Section; we need a complete business name (i.e., Jones Inc. or Jones LLC, etc.), address, toll-free number if available, fax number, and e-mail address.
  4. E-mail to: Enter E-mail address of the person(s) to receive PDF copy of Purchase Order, up to three e-mail addresses may be entered separated by a comma with no space.
  5. Commodity Description: Enter product information including part numbers and pertinent information.
    • Note: Use only the space provided in each description line, do not continue description in the line below. Each line must have a quantity and unit price. Any additional description can be entered in the "Other Info" section.
  6. Unit of measure (UOM): Ea, Dz, lb, pkg
  7. Quantity: Enter number of the item wanted (1-each, 2-case, 3-pkg etc.)
  8. Unit Price: Enter unit price - cost per/each or case or package, etc. 
    NOTE: Do not use commas or dollar signs (for example one hundred dollars would be entered as 100.00)
  9. Extended amount: No entry required; amount will default in when requisition is validated at the end.
  10. Budget/Account Information:
  • Dollars/Percents: Allows to break order amount down to dollar amount or percentage amount.
  • Enter either Fund (e.g., 234567) or Org (e.g., 12345) and Account (e.g., 299, 310, 202, etc.). Note: Enter only Fund or Org, corresponding Fund or Org number will fill in upon Validation.
  • If one budget is used, choose Percents and enter 100.00 in Accounting box (100% of order being charged to budget) or choose Dollars and enter dollar amount in Accounting box; see Example 1.
  • If multiple budgets are used, choose Percents or Dollars and enter appropriate percentage or dollar amount in Accounting box; see Example 2.

NOTE: Do not use dollar signs, commas, or percentage signs, use numbers and periods only.

  • Example 1: (if one budget is used for the amount $324.00)
    1    |    100000     |     12345     |     299     |     100

    1    |    100000     |     12345     |     299     |     324
  • Example 2: (if multiple budgets are used for the amount $324.00)
    Percents: 50/50 split
    1    |    100000     |     12345     |     299     |     50
    1    |    100000     |     12345     |     299     |     50

    Dollars: $200.00/$124.00 split
    1    |    100000     |     12345     |     299     |     200
    1    |    100000     |     12345     |     299     |     124
  1. Deliver to: Enter exactly to whom and where the package needs to be delivered by Central Receiving; include Name, Dept., Room location, etc.
  2. Other Information: Use this section to add additional text or to identify where pricing originated; Is there a quote?, was the price from a website/catalog; verbal quote? Enter the quote number and e-mail a copy to Purchasing for backup referencing the assigned requisition number. Any additional information, along with quotes should be sent as backup for your requisition; please e-mail to
    • New vendor information or other pertinent information may be entered here.
    • Confirming Order requests are being discouraged and should be for emergency situations only. However, if this is a confirming order, enter "Confirming" PO #12345. Note: You may use your Chase Corporate Credit Card for small-dollar purchases of less than $500; contact accounting to apply for a card; all employees are eligible.
  3. Validate: Click on “Validate” to total items listed in “Commodity” and check for errors. Error messages will appear at the top of the form and need to be corrected before completion.
  4. Complete: 
    • After validation and requisition is error free, click on “Complete” at bottom of page.
    • Document is complete when requisition number is assigned (R000______) and this message appears “Document R00____ completed and forwarded to the Approval Process”.
    • If having trouble completing; recheck “Accounting” and be sure dollar amounts or percentage amounts are entered.
    • Print the completed page and keep for your records if desired (print landscape, not portrait).



  • If no further requisitions, be sure to “Log Off”.
  • Otherwise, your portal page will remain open and accessible to personal information.

Requisition Approval Process

  • When completed, the electronic requisition is routed to the Budget Manager, where applicable.
  • The Budget Manager approves the requisition, through the “Approval” system.
  • After the “Approval,” the requisition electronically routes to Purchasing.
  • When received in Purchasing, it is handled in Banner the same as current requisitions. Depending upon the nature of the requisition and dollar amount of the order, as well as whether the requisition has all the necessary information, most standard orders can be processed within 24 hours of submission.

Tracking Your Requisition

  • A copy of the Purchase Order will be e-mailed to the address you indicated.
  • If you do not receive a copy of the PO within 2 to 3 days, please contact Purchasing.


Please contact Simon Fritz at ext. 4144 or Molly Ogden at ext. 7475 with any questions or concerns.