The Colgate Guardian app provides a direct connection to campus safety contacts, anonymous tips, and a safety timer to keep you safe any time of day.


Installation Instructions

Guardian app

Step 1 - Download and install the app

Go to the Colgate app and look for the Guardian shield icon. Tap to install.


Search the App Store or Google Play Store for Rave Guardian (by RaveMobileSafety) and tap to install it.

Step 2 - Launch the app

Once installed, find the Rave Guardian app and tap to open it.

If/when prompted, you may either allow or decline the following permissions:

  • Rave Guardian would like to send you notifications
  • Rave Guardian would like to access your contacts
  • Rave Guardian would like to access your location
  • Rave Guardian would like to access your device GPS, Wi-Fi, cell networks, and sensors


*These app permissions can be enabled/disabled within your device settings any time.

Step 3 - Enter phone number

Enter your mobile number, including the 3-digit area code. Select U.S. if not already selected. Tap Continue.

Step 4 - Verify your device

You will receive a text message with a verification code to enter into the Guardian app, verifying your phone or other mobile device. Select the checkbox to agree to the terms of use and tap Continue. If you do not receive a code, tap Resend Code.

A new screen appears with your name, organization (Colgate University), phone number, and Colgate email address. For employees using their Colgate email, it also displays their Colgate campus phone number.

Please review this information for accuracy. Tap Yes if correct. If the information is not accurate, tap No, this is not me. It will prompt you to enter your Colgate email address and update the information displayed.


  • Only the Guardian app features listed here and elsewhere on or in the Colgate mobile app are active and available for use by members of the Colgate community.
  • Guardian requires a connection to a mobile network data connection.
  • For more information about Guardian’s privacy policies, visit this link.


Colgate Guardian, listed as Rave Guardian in the App Store and on Google Play, is a blue light on your phone. This app allows you to request help, submit tips, and keep friends and family posted as you move around campus.

No. Your privacy is paramount. “Go Anonymous” for tip submission to prevent campus safety from seeing your name, number, or other identifying details. Location information on emergency calls will only be enabled when you place a call for help. Campus safety cannot track or monitor your location, though you may voluntarily share that information during specific calls or chat sessions.

Yes. Guardian uses the latest in security technologies and processes to ensure that all of your information is kept secure and private. Guardian also undergoes regular security audits to ensure the data is secure.

Allowing push notifications is recommended though not required. These notifications alert you when a timer expires, when you receive a response from campus safety, or a friend sends a Guardian request.

Campus safety staff monitor tips 24/7. If more information is required, they will reply via the app’s chat function.

Yes. If you assign guardians during an individual timed usage, they will be able to track your status in real time. But remember, you are in full control of this feature.

Anyone in your smartphone’s contact list can be your guardian. Guardians do not need to have a Colgate email address or have the Colgate Guardian app downloaded on their phone.

Yes, Colgate Guardian works off campus, although, if you have an emergency at an off-campus location, you should always dial 911.

No. Campus safety is only notified of your timer expiring if you selected them to be your guardian. If you select a personal contact to be your guardian and your timer expires, campus safety will not be notified.

Blue dots on the screen show the most recent historical location points of the user, and the latest location dot is the brightest.

When using the safety timer, you receive a reminder text message three minutes before it expires, and you have the option to add five minutes.

When the timer expires, the app notifies your phone via text message, prompting you to open the app, which shows the following choices:

Two “I’m OK” options:

  • Blue button labeled Add 5 Minutes
  • Green button labeled Deactivate


Two “I’m NOT OK” options:

  • Red button labeled Call Campus Safety with the status message, “Campus safety has been notified that your timer has expired.”
  • Gray button labeled Alert Guardians.


If it expires and you do not respond, a message immediately goes to your chosen guardian(s), and they can call your cell phone.

Campus safety will attempt to locate you to ensure your safety.

The timer expires as it normally would, and the last location information collected from the app will be displayed to your selected guardian(s).