Submit Performance Review Documents

Human Resources has collaborated with ITS to redesign a process that supports a new, modern way of thinking about performance reviews. This new program, CU TALKS, will foster a culture of communication that brings to light the potential of employees and creates an environment where they are able to realize this potential through active engagement, empowerment and accountability.

How to Approach Completing Your Review for 2021

The supervisor will ultimately submit a pdf document that contains a combination of the employee’s perspective of their performance in the past year, in addition to the supervisor’s perspective of the employee’s performance over the same period.

With this mind, to complete the 2021 performance process:

  • Employees can utilize a Word document, a Google Doc, or other application to document the results of their performance (goals, competencies, and professional development) for the past year.
  • The supervisor should then include their feedback associated with the employee’s summary onto the document, or in a separate document.
  • Employee and supervisor meet to discuss the documented performance summaries.
  • The supervisor saves the combined feedback into one pdf document and submits the form to OnBase. See instructions for submitting the form below.

Submitting 2021 Performance Review Documents

Supervisors will submit employee 2021 performance reviews/documents in a pdf format.  The forms will be stored in Colgate’s OnBase system.  These instructions provides the steps needed to upload the document(s).

  1. The supervisor first saves the document (or combined documents) into a pdf
  2. The supervisor will upload the pdf version of the review
    1. The supervisor clicks the form submission link provided 
    2. The Employee CU TALKS Submission Form appears – this form is being utilized for uploading/storing 2021 reviews, and will also be used for submitting future summaries as part of the new CU TALKS program
    3. Supervisor Info – the first and last name of the supervisor will auto-populate into the form
    4. Select the drop-down arrow to the right of the Select an Employee field
    5. Select the respective employee from the list presented
    6. The Employee Info fields will populate based on the employee selected in step “e” 
    7. Summary/Review Info – from the Summary/Review Type drop-down menu, select Annual CU TALKS Summary
    8. Select 2021 for the Summary/Review Year
    9. Click the Upload button toward the bottom of the Submission Form
    10. Search for the pdf version of the document, select it, and click Open; the document will load into the submission form.  If you wish to Remove the selected document, click the Remove option then select Upload to begin the document upload process again
    11. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form
  3. Human Resources will review the submitted form/document and will either approve, or reject (return for edits) the submission.  If the form is returned to the supervisor, information will be provided as to the reason for it being returned.
    1. Once approved, the supervisor and employee will receive an email with a link to the completed review document.

What You Need to Know About PeopleAdmin

The performance management site in the PeopleAdmin system will no longer be in use after June 30, 2021. (PeopleAdmin will continue to be used for online recruitment.) Performance reviews completed in the PeopleAdmin system will not be accessible shortly after July 31, 2021. However, Human Resources will have access to all formerly completed reviews.

  1. If needed, you can print a copy of your former review(s). This should be done prior to July 31, 2021.
  2. If you have an old (prior year) review that is currently open, the form will close automatically when use of the system ends.
  3. All Introductory and Probationary review forms that are currently in process will move to the new CU TALKS program. Supervisors will be advised directly on how to proceed with the reviews.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Cherie Ball in Human Resources.