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Upcoming Exhibitions

Koolanga Boodja Neh Nidjuuk (Children Listening and Looking on Country)

March 21–June 30, 2019

In 2013 a collection of 122 artworks made in the late 1940s by the Aboriginal children of the Carrolup Native Settlement were repatriated to the Noongar community of Western Australia, having been stored away in the Picker Art Gallery’s collection since the works were donated by Herbert Mayer ’29 in 1966. The children artists made use of a vibrant palette to depict the world from their own experiences and started a pictorial landscape tradition that would gain international attention and become known as the Carrolup School. Forty of these artworks will temporarily return to the Picker as part of a traveling exhibition organized by the John Curtin Gallery of Curtin University, which maintains the collection on behalf of the Noongar. This exhibition celebrates the enduring relationship among the Noongar, Curtin, and Colgate in the University's Bicentennial year. 

Colgate Alumni Collect

March 21–June 30, 2019

Now in its third year, Colgate Alumni Collect presents the personal collections of Tim Keny ’77 and Bruce Silverstein ’89. Featuring textiles and photographs from the twentieth-century, each alumnus has carefully built a focused collection that is a reflection of his own personal expression. Curated by Michael Quinan ’19.

Transatlantic Avant-gardes

March 21–June 30, 2019

A selection of artworks from the permanent collection will be on display accompanied by labels written by students in Professor Moure Cecchini’s Fall 2018 class, ARTS 238: Transatlantic Avant-gardes, 1880–1920.