Marsha Collett

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Marsha Collett

Program Coordinator for the Center for Leadership and Student Involvement

Department/Office Information

Center for Leadership and Student Involvement
O'Connor Campus Center


Marsha began her Colgate career in higher education in the fall of 2014 after a previous career in product design for an international wholesale seasonal company. She loves working with student organizations in planning campus activities. Her primary student group advisees fall under the categories of: the arts, leisure/gaming, dance, and alternative late night events, with past experiences advising religious groups, wellness, and career development. She graduated from SUNY Empire State College with a Bachelor’s degree in Art Illustration and World History.

When she is not on campus, Marsha is a real life time traveler, or as close to one as she can be without a DeLorean or a Tardis. She reenacts the Renaissance and Regency periods in costumes she created. She also holds a first degree black belt in Taekwondo.