Kelsey Beausoleil ’23

Molecular biology; history

If I am sporting Colgate gear away from campus and alumni, parents, students, professors, (anyone!) recognize it, you can always expect a hello and a ‘Go, ’Gate!’

Kelsey Beausoleil ’23 Groton, Mass.

What is the best part about being a Colgate student?

The best part about being a Colgate student is definitely that, wherever you go, it is always “Go, ’Gate!” If I am sporting Colgate gear away from campus and alumni, parents, students, professors, (anyone!) recognize it, you can always expect a hello and a “Go, ’Gate!”

Kelsey's Involvement

  • Sidekick Mentor
  • Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field Teams
  • Careers Services Liaison for Pre-Health Pathways
  • Hancock Commons
  • Ecology and the Environment FSEM

What do Sidekick mentors do? Do you have a favorite story from being a Sidekick mentor?

Sidekick mentors pair up with first-grade students from the local elementary school, and we get to hang out every week and just grow together. I believe my sidekick teaches me as much as I teach her — she teaches me how to relax and feel like a kid again, and I take her to events around campus, like when we made liquid nitrogen ice cream!

How has being an athlete impacted your Colgate experience?

I believe that joining the cross country and track and field teams here has benefited me in ways more than just athletically. The girls on the team have been so welcoming and helpful. They went out of their way to help me with class registration and offering up their homes for team bonding activities — and even the little things like saying “hi” up the hill.

The cross country team starting a race.
A picture of the cross country team.
Created by Nate Jeffries ’20, Kayla Park ’21

As a Career Services liaison, what can you tell us about Career Services at Colgate ?

Career Services is one of the most important parts about Colgate. They will help you every step of the way through an internship search or job search. They will offer you the resources you may need to be the best self you can be in an interview or while talking with industry leaders in areas you think you want to explore. It’s a super-important resource on campus that everyone should use!

A portrait of Kelsey.

How do you think your Colgate education will benefit you after graduation?

I believe a liberal arts education has been very beneficial, because I have taken classes that I never would have taken before, and I discovered I really enjoy anthropology classes. I am hoping to integrate these types of classes more into my biology-focused major to round out my education here.

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