The Colgate Commitment

A financial aid initiative for access and affordability.

It is through this commitment that the best and brightest students from all economic backgrounds find that a Colgate education is within reach. 

In their own words, students and alumni share how Colgate’s financial support has impacted their lives.

The financial aid package that I received from Colgate was a major contributor to my decision to attend the University.

Janisa Middleton ’22 Financial Aid Recipient
A portrait of Janisa.

Janisa Middleton ’22
Financial Aid Recipient
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Classics
Hometown: Pleasantville, N.J.

“Not only has Colgate made attending a prestigious university outside of my home state of New Jersey very affordable, but they’ve also afforded me the opportunity to travel abroad without feeling trapped by financial burdens. After my first year at Colgate, I was given the chance to spend three weeks with my classmates on an extended study to Southern Italy and Sicily, where we participated in an archaeological excavation in Paestum under the guidance of our renowned archaeology specialist and professor Rebecca Ammerman. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I don’t think I would’ve experienced at any other university. I’m so grateful that I was able to broaden my college experience with Colgate’s help.”

I'm motivated to use the education Colgate is providing me with as well as the Colgate network to secure a good career.

Lizeth Mora Guerrero '24 No-loan Recipient
Lizeth in her cap and gown at her high school graduation holding a Colgate pennant.

Lizeth Mora Guerrero '24
No-loan Recipient 
Major: Astrogeophysics
Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.

“Coming from a low-income neighborhood, I immediately turned away from Colgate when I first saw the price, but their no-loan initiative was almost a sign that this was the school I should be going to. Not to mention my financial aid package travels with me, meaning I can study abroad and not worry as much about how much I need to pay.”

There are no words that can accurately express what a significant impact the no-loan initiative has had on me, my family, and my future.

Sigrid Montagano '24 No-Loan Recipient
Sigrid standing in a field.

Sigrid Montagano ’24
No-Loan Recipient

Hometown: Kinderhook, N.Y.

“Colgate’s no-loan initiative was an important part of my decision to apply to Colgate, in fact it was among the deciding factors that led me to apply Early Decision. Without considerable aid, attending a college or university would have been out of the question for me. The no-loan initiative not only allows me to attend, but it makes it possible for me to graduate without incurring potentially life-long debt. I view the program not only as a financial one, but as an ethical one. Through the no-loan initiative, Colgate has expressed its sincere commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Colgate has put its money where its mouth is, and made it possible for underprivileged students like myself to experience a world class education, and graduate on a path to success. Such a selfless and inspired initiative makes Colgate a leader among its peers, and ensures that they will be remembered fondly by alumni.”

Having a college degree without debt gives me the flexibility to pursue any career or interest of my choosing.

Noah Bernstein ’20 Financial Aid Recipient
A portrait of Noah.

Noah Bernstein ’20
Financial Aid Recipient
Wealth Advisory Analyst at BlackRock
Major: Economics

“Financial aid has been crucial in my ability to attend Colgate University. Going through the college application process, I was blown away by Colgate’s financial aid and how they meet 100% of demonstrated need. I have been able to attend college without taking out student loans and will graduate with no debt. Having a college degree without debt gives me the flexibility to pursue any career or interest of my choosing.”

I could see myself affording to go to Colgate and not regretting the decision. For some of the other schools I was applying to, that wasn’t the case.

Mason Jones ’18 Financial Aid Recipient
A portrait of Mason Jones.

Mason Jones ’18
Financial Aid Recipient
Operations Manager at Democracy Prep Public Schools
Majors: English; sociology

“Financial aid played a major role in my decision. Colgate’s offer was the largest package I received from any school, and just the fact that so much of it was made up of grant money kind of sealed the deal.”