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The University of Indiana at Bloomington maintains a file on all aspects of the use of beverage alcohol as well as various aspects of collegiate drinking.
Want to get an approximation of a BAC? Here is a good spot to go to. It will also indicate how many hours it takes for an individual to get back to a zero BAC level.

Eating Disorders and Body Image

If you or someone you know someone that's struggling with eating disorders, the resources below provide information to support and educate. 

How can I avoid contributing to another person's eating disorder?
How can I reach out to someone with an eating disorder?
What can I do to when someone is recovering from an eating disorder?

Additional sources:

Renfrew Treatment Center
About face
Laura Fowler - Nourish, Savor, Love

Minding Your Mental Health

Click here to access a series of informative webpages about a wide range of mental health issues.

Virtual Pamphlet Collection (University of Chicago)
Unabridged version

Lending Library
Click here for a list of our books available for checkout

Guide for Faculty and Staff
Take a look at our guide on how to help distressed students.

Referral Guide for Parents
Click here for the guide.

Wellness Initiative

Check out the Shaw Wellness Institute at Colgate!