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Jason Kawall

Jason Kawall

Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies
Philosophy , 13 Hascall Hall
p 315-228-7817
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  • PhD, Brown University, 2001;
  • MA, Brown University, 1997;
  • Honours BA, University of Western Ontario, 1993


Environmental ethics, ethics, epistemology



  • “History of Environmental Ethics” (forthcoming, invited article for The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Ethics, S. Gardiner and A. Thompson, eds.); final draft copy-edited.
  • “Environmental Virtue Ethics” (forthcoming, invited article forThe Oxford Handbook of Virtue, N. Snow, ed.); final draft submitted)
  • “Patience” ”,International Encyclopedia of Ethics, H. LaFollette, ed., (Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell); final draft submitted.
  • “Virtue Epistemology and the Environment” (invited chapter for The Routledge Handbook of Virtue Epistemology, H. Battaly, ed.). 
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  • “Future Harms and Current Offspring”, Ethics, Policy and Environment 14:1 (2011), pp 23-6. [A response to a target article by John Nolt, “How Harmful are the Average American’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions?”]
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  • "Is (Merely) Stalking Sentient Animals Morally Wrong?", Journal of Applied Philosophy 17:2 (2000), pp. 195-204.


  • Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Ethics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs, University of St. Andrews, autumn and spring 2010-11, autumn 2006
  • NEH Summer Institute, "Environmental Ethics and Issues: Alaska as a Case Study," summer 2001