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Janel Benson

Janel Benson

Associate Professor of Sociology
Sociology & Anthropology, 425 Alumni Hall
p 315-228-6095


BA, Franklin and Marshall College; MA, PhD, University of Pennsylvania


My research investigates sources of risk and resiliency in the transition from early adolescence to young adulthood to understand how contexts of development in early life shape identity, health, and mobility in adulthood.


Transition to adulthood, life course, inequality in higher education, qualitative and quantitative methods


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Teaching Experience

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods; Sociology of Education; Sociology of the Family; Introduction to Sociology; Senior Research Seminar in Sociology; Intergroup Dialogue; Community-Based Participatory Research.

Media Coverage

Radio interview with Nikki Medoro of KGO Radio in San Francisco about the consequences of growing up too fast (11/30/2012)

Contribution to the New York Times Room for Debate Discussion on Family Values (April, 24, 2012): "Regulating Sex is a Distraction."


  • Women's Studies Advisory Board, Colgate University
  • Intergroup Dialogue Advisory Board, Colgate University
  • Committee on Athletics, Colgate University
  • Academic Liaison, Colgate University Women's Softball Team
  • Institutional Review Board, Colgate University
  • Board Member, A Better Chance Fayetteville-Manlius