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Evelyn Hart

Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics, 322 McGregory Hall
p 315-228-7736


BA, Middlebury College, 1982; PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1991

Teaching Experience

Courses taught at Colgate:
  • First-Year Seminar on Symmetry, Introduction to Statistics, Calculus I and II,
  • Foundations of Mathematics, Number Theory and Mathematical Reasoning,
  • Applied Mathematics in the Social Sciences, Probability and Statistics I and II,
  • Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra I, Topology, Undergraduate Mathematics Seminar
Other teaching experience:
  • Director, Colgate Study Abroad Program in Wales, Spring 2004
  • Assistant professor, Hope College, 1991-95
  • Project director, REU summer program at Hope College, 1994
  • Teaching assistant, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1984-1991
  • Teacher, Georgetown Day High School, 1982-84


Nielsen fixed point theory, algebraic topology, helping students with the transition from high school to college math classes.


  • "Algorithms for Nielsen type periodic numbers of maps with remnant on surfaces with boundary and on bouquets of circles, I," joint with P. Heath and E. Keppelmann, Fundamenta Mathematicae, 200 (2008), 101-132.
  • "Reidemeister conjugacy for finitely generated free fundamental groups," Fundamenta Mathematicae, 199 (2008) 93--118.
  • "The Nielsen number for free fundamental groups and maps without remnant," joint with S. Kim, Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications, 2 (2007) 261--275. 
  • "Nielsen periodic point theory for periodic maps on orientable surfaces," joint with E. Keppelmann, Topology and its Applications, 153 (2006) 1399--1420.
  • "Algebraic techniques for calculating the Nielsen number on hyperbolic surfaces," an invited chapter in Handbook of Topological Fixed Point Theory, edited by R.F. Brown, M. Furi, L. Gorniewicz, and B. Jiang, Springer, 2005, 463--487.
  • "Explorations in Nielsen periodic point theory for the double torus," joint with E. Keppelmann, Topology and its Applications, 95 (1999) 1--30. 
  • "The Reidemeister trace and the calculation of the Nielsen number," Nielsen Theory and Reidemeister Torsion, Banach Center Publications, Polish Academy of Sciences, 49 (1999) 151--157.
  • "Computation of Nielsen numbers for maps of closed surfaces," joint with O. Davey and K. Trapp, Transactions of the AMS, 348 (1996) 3245--3266.
  • (Davey and Trapp were REU students working with me at Hope College during the summer of 1994.)
  • Other papers in Topology and its Applications and in The Fibonacci Quarterly.