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Adam Burnett

Adam Burnett

William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Geography; Chair of the Geography Department
Geography, 325 Ho Science Center
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"Colgate attracts an exceptional group of bright, curious, and hard-working students. The opportunity to work with such students within an environment that also encourages and supports faculty scholarship makes Colgate a great place to work."


BS, Aquinas College, 1984; MA, Ohio University, 1986; PhD, Michigan State University, 1990

Teaching Experience

  • GEOG 131: Introduction to Environmental Geography
  • GEOG 235: Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 332: Weather and Climate
  • GEOG 401: Senior Seminar in Geography
  • ENST 100: Earth and Environmental Systems


Climatology; environmental studies; geographic information systems


Research interests include (1) middle latitude atmospheric circulation variability using instrumental observations and paleoclimate data; (2) Great Lake-effect snowfall; and (3) the relationship between atmospheric circulation and warming in the Antarctic Peninsula.


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  • Domack, E.W., A.W. Burnett, and A. Leventer (2003) "Environmental setting of the Antarctic Peninsula" inAntarctic Peninsula Climate Variability: An Historical and Paleoenvironment Perspective. Washington D.C: American Geophysical Union Antarctic Research Series Vol. 79, pgs. 1-13.
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  • Kirby, Matthew E.; H.T. Mullins, W.P. Patterson, and A.W. Burnett, (2002) “Late-glacial-Holocene atmospheric circulation and precipitation in the northeast United States inferred from modern calibrated stable oxygen and carbon isotopes”, Geological Society of America Bulletin, 114(10):1326-1340.
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  • Winkler, J.A., A.W. Burnett, B.J. Skipper, J.B. Moore, G. Mulugeta, and J.M. Olson. (1990) “Agroclimatic resource assessment: an example for peach cultivation in the lower peninsula of Michigan.” Physical Geography, 11:49-65.


The temporal climatology, teleconnective associations, and climatic impacts of regional-scale troughing in the southwestern United States (Department of Geography, Michigan State University, 1990).

Professional Experience

  • Geography Department Chair, July 2008 - present
  • Learning Assessment Coordinator July 2005 - present
  • Associate Dean of the Faculty, July 2005-June 2007
  • Environmental Studies Program Director, 1997-2000
  • Geography Department Chair, 2000-2003


Colgate Presidential Scholar, July 2008-2010

Board Membership

Colgate University Upstate Institute Executive Board