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Ellen Percy Kraly

Ellen Percy Kraly

William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies; Director of the Environmental Studies Program
Geography, 327 Ho Science Center
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Synergy captures my experience at Colgate. Collaborations between students and faculty forged both in and beyond the classroom have made me a better population scientist and a better teacher. And now through community outreach, I have the opportunity to extend our collaborative studies into Utica, The Adirondacks, and even Australia!


BA Bucknell 1972; MSc Johns Hopkins 1975; PhD Fordham 1979

Teaching Experience

Cornell University; Fordham University; Hamilton College


Demography and population geography, international migration and refugees, ethnic and racial studies, medical geography, environmental issues, social research methods


International migration, population and the environment, population and immigration policy, ethnic and racial stratification, measurement issues and statistical systems


"Immigration to New York: Policy, Population, and Patterns." Ch. 2 in Nancy Foner, ed. New York's Immigrants. (Columbia University Press, forthcoming); "Foreign-Born Population of the U.S." Encyclopedia of the U.S. Census; "U.S. immigration policy and immigrant integration: Occupational mobility among the population legalizing under IRCA." Ch. 7 in Lydio F. Tomasi and Mary G. Powers, eds. Immigration Today: Pastoral and Research Challenges. (Staten Island, New York: Center for Migration Studies); "Emigration: Implications for Immigration Policy Research." in Migration between Mexico and the United States: Binational Study; "Population Growth and Migration." Introducing Global Issues (Boulder, Colorado: Lynne Reinner, Publishers); "Immigration and Environment: A Framework for Establishing a Possible Relationship." Population Research and Policy Review

Professional Experience

Panelist, National Academy of Sciences; Consultant to the National Science Foundation, United Nations Statistical Office, U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, U.S. General Accounting Office, U.S. Bureau of the Census


National Institute of Child and Human Development; President, Population Specialty Group, Association of American Geographers, 1997; Colgate University Alumni Corporation Distinguished Teaching Award 2000