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Scott Kraly

Dana Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Psychology, 110C Olin Hall
p 315-228-7348
The focus of my research is the neuroendocrine control of ingestive behavior, in particular, the physiological mechanisms by which eating elicits drinking behavior.

Many of the students working in my laboratory learn various surgical procedures including manipulations of the gastrointestinal tract and stereotaxic surgery to implant a cannula into the brain of a rat.

Students conduct experiments in which drugs are used to manipulate neurochemical mechanisms to study their involvement in eating and drinking.

More than twenty-five Colgate undergraduates have become co-authors of published journal articles reporting the results of experiments conducted at Colgate.

My recent book, "The Unwell Brain:  Understanding the Psychobiology of Mental Health" (WW Norton, 2009), developed from my teaching courses in brain and behavior and psychopharmacology.

When not working, I play the drums in the alternative/pop band Dangerboy.


BA University of Notre Dame 1970; MA, PhD Johns Hopkins University 1972, 1974


Physiological psychology, neuroscience, psychopharmacology, experimental psychology


Neuroendocrine control of drinking and eating


(NOTE: bold text indicates Colgate undergraduate)

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Professional Experience

Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychiatry, Cornell University Medical College 1974-78


National Institutes of Health Research Grant, principle investigator.
Colgate Alumni Corporation Distinguished Teaching Award (2005).