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Marta Perez-Carbonell

Marta Perez-Carbonell

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Romance Languages, 219B Lawrence Hall
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Author of:

Book Cover: Fictional World of Javier Marías
Marta Pérez-Carbonell studies contemporary Iberian fiction. Her research is interdisciplinary, approaching literary works from frameworks such as Translation Studies or Material Culture Studies. She is interested in memory, autobiography, identity, gender studies, and language issues. She has worked extensively on Javier Marías's fiction and is also interested in novels and short stories by other contemporary writers such as Juan José Millás, Rosa Montero, Almudena Grandes, Elvira Lindo, Nuria Labari and Isaac Rosa.


  • BA Spanish and Linguistics, University of Southampton, UK (2004)
  • Licenciada Filología Inglesa, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain (2007)
  • MA, Translation and Interpreting, University of Westminster, UK (2008)
  • PhD, Royal Holloway University of London, UK (2014)

Teaching Experience

  • University of Cambridge (2006-2007)
  • Royal Holloway University of London (2008-2015)


Contemporary Spanish fiction; Autobiography; Javier Marías; Translation and Interpreting Studies; Spanish language



The Fictional World of Javier Marías. Language and Uncertainty. Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2016

Peer-reviewed articles

‘Intralingual Translation in Tu rostro mañana, by Javier Marías’, Aigne, 4 (2013).

‘Ghosts as storytellers: Absences and the phantasmagorical nature of Javier Marías’s narrators’, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 93, 5 (2016): 495-509

‘Compulsive Translators: Are Narrators in Javier Marías's Novel Beguiled by Language?', Hispanic Research Journal, 18:4 (2017): 338-351

‘Who said what? Translated messages and language interpreters in three texts by Javier Marías and Almudena Grandes’, in Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice (Forthcoming in 2018).

'"Me gustan las cosas que son cosas": la representación de la violencia a través de Cosas que brillan cuando están rotas de Nuria Labari, in Bulletin of Spanish Studies (Forthcoming in 2018).

'Fragmentation and Multiple Voices in Contemporary Spanish Novels: Desde la sombra by Juan José Millás and La habitación oscura by Isaac Rosa, in Journal of Catalan Studies (Forthcoming in 2018).

Other articles 

‘Thus Bad Begins. The Intimate World of Javier Marías’, Litro Magazine, 13 April 2016

‘The 10 Best Untranslated Spanish Novels’, Litro Magazine, 20 June 2016

Selected Papers

WISPS (Women in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies) Annual Conference, London 2011 – ‘The importance of absence in All Souls, A Heart So White and Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me by Javier Marías’

AHGBI (Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland) Annual Conference, Stirling 2012 – ‘The effects of language choice and intralingual translation in Todas las almas, Corazón tan blanco and Mañana en la batalla piensa en mí by Javier Marías’

Postgraduate Hispanic Studies Conference of Ireland and the UK, Cork 2013 – ‘Intralingual translation in Tu rostro mañana 1: Fiebre y lanza by Javier Marías’ in Translating the Text: New Insights into Translation and Transposition

AHGBI Annual Conference, Oxford 2013 – ‘The unsaid and what does not happen in Marías’s fiction’, in Absence, Ellipsis and Invisibility in Contemporary Spain

AHGBI Annual Conference, Exeter 2015 – ‘The space of the interpreted message: The role of language interpreters in the short stories of Javier Marías and Almudena Grandes’ in The Space of Language: Interpreting, Translating, Performing

BETA Annual Conference, Santander 2017 - 'La quiebra da un salto desde el margen: las voces de Nuria Labari y Nuria Román'

Subjects and Limits of Extension in Contemporary Iberian culture, Cambridge 2017 - 'Fragmented identities and multiple voices in Juan José Millás's Desde la sombra and Isaac Rosa's La habitación oscura'

Professional Memberships

  • Women in Spanish and Portuguese Studies
  • Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland
  • BETA: Asociación de jóvenes doctores en hispanismo
  • Modern Language Association