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Jeff Bary

Jeff Bary

Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Physics & Astronomy, 409 Ho Science Center
p 315-228-7693


BS, Emory & Henry College, 1995; PhD, Vanderbilt University, 2003

Teaching Experience

Colgate Courses
  • How Old is the Universe? (ASTR 165)
  • Intermediate Astronomy & Astrophysics (ASTR 210)
  • Astrophysics (ASTR 414)
  • Introductory Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, & The Universe (ASTR 102)
  • General Physics II (PHYS 232)
  • Saving the Appearances: Galileo, the Church, and the Scientific Endeavor (FSEM/CoreSP)
Prior Experience
  • Intro Astronomy for Pre-service and In-service Teachers, University of Virginia 2005-08
  • NSF K-12 Graduate Teaching Fellow, Vanderbilt University/Metro Nashville Public Schools 2002-03
  • Introductory Astronomy Labs, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Vanderbilt University 1996-2001


Infrared and optical spectroscopy of young sun-like stars


  • Formation of stars and planetary systems
  • Star-disk interactions (circumstellar disk irradiation, accretion, bipolar outflows)
  • Evolution of proto-planetary disks (disk lifetimes, dust grain composition, and grain growth)
  • Extinction in dense cloud cores
  • Infrared spectroscopy


  • "Possible Planet Formation in the Young, Low-mass, Multiple Stellar System GG Tau A" Dutrey, A., Di Folco, E., Guilloteau, S., Boehler, Y., Bary, J., Beck, T., Beust, H., Chapillon, E., Gueth, F., Hure, J., Pierens, A., Pietu, V., Simon, M., & Tang, Y. 2014, Nature, 514, 600
  • "Anomalous Accretion Activity and the Spotted Nature of the DQ Tau Binary System" Bary, J. S. & Petersen, M. S. 2014, ApJ, 792, 64
  • "GG Tau: The Fifth Element" DiFolco, E., Dutrey, A., Le Bouquin, J., Lacour, S., Berger, J., Kohler, R., Guilloteau, S., Pietu, V., Bary, J., Beck, T., Beust, H., & Pantin, E. 2014, A&A, 565, L2
  • "Circumbinary Ring, Circumstellar Disks, and Accretion in the Binary System UY Aurigae" Tang, Ya-Wen, Dutrey, A., Guilloteau, S., Pietu, V., Di Folco, E., Beck, T., Ho, P., Boehler, Y., Gueth, F., Bary, J., & Simon, M. 2014, A&A, in press
  • "Circumbinary Gas Accretion onto a Central Binary:  Infrared Molecular Hydrogen Emission from GG Tau A"  Beck, T.L., Bary, J.S., Dutrey, A., Pietu, V., Guilloteau, S., Lubow, S. H., & Simon, M.  2012, ApJ, 754, 72
  • "Spatially Extended Brackett Gamma Emission in the Environments of Young Stars" Beck, T. L., Bary, J.S., & McGregor, P. J.  2010, ApJ, 722, 1360
  • "Variations of the 10 um Silicate Features in the Actively Accreting T Tauri Stars: DG Tau and XZ Tau" Bary, J.S., Leisenring, J.M., & Skrutskie, M. F. 2009, ApJL, 706, L168-172
  • "Interferometric Evidence for Resolved Warm Dust in the DQ Tau System" Boden, A., Akeson, R. L., Sargent, A. I., Carpenter, J.M., Ciardi, D. R., Bary, J.S., & Skrutskie, M. F. 2009, ApJL, 696, L111
  • "Physical Conditions of Accreting Gas in T Tauri Star Systems" Bary, J., Matt, S., Skrutskie, M., Wilson, J., Peterson, D., & Nelson, M. 2008, ApJ, 687, 376
  • "Quiescent H2 Emission from Pre-Main-Sequence Stars in Chamaeleon I" Bary, J., Weintraub, D., Shukla, S., & Kastner, J. 2008, ApJ, 678, 1088
  • "Detections of Rovibrational H2 Emission from the Disks of T Tauri Stars" Bary, J., Weintraub, D., & Kastner, J. 2003, ApJ, 586, 1136
  • "Detection of Molecular Hydrogen Orbiting a 'Naked' T Tauri Star" Bary, J., Weintraub, D., & Kastner, J. 2002, ApJL, 576, 73
  • "Detection of Quiescent Molecular Hydrogen Gas in the Circumstellar Disk of a Classical T Tauri Star" Weintraub, D., Kastner, J., & Bary, J. 2000, ApJ, 541, 767


"Timescale for Disk Survival: Searching for the Molecular Hydrogen Component of Protoplanetary Disks Orbiting T Tauri Stars"

Professional Experience

NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Virginia, 2005-2008
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Virginia, 2004-2005


  • Emory & Henry College Young Alumnus of the Year, 2010
  • NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow, 2005-08
  • NSF GK-12 Graduate Teaching Fellow, 2002-03
  • AAPT -- Teaching Assistant of the Year, 2002
  • Vanderbilt College of Arts & Sciences -- teaching assistant of the year nominee, 2002